i dont remember who told me they could never go back to FHD after getting a 4K monitor but im right there with them

this is a hell of an experience

LMAOYEEN :bestbean: pounced

re: the technology shopping list 

i will go to bb tomorrow and see what they have, but im almost certain they wont have the vesa mount im looking for. theyll have a decent monitor though so i can at least start with that.

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the technology shopping list 

i need to buy some stuff to get ready for streaming.

things i need

  • VESA mount for two monitors: i have limited desk space
  • monitor: i only have one right now which makes viewing chat hard. fortunately i usually only have 3-5 concurrent viewers so its not bad

things i want and probably wont get but its fun to think about

  • elgato 4k60 pro: i have an hd60 pro but output is subsampled and looks awful. (might also consider linux-compatible options)
  • diffused lighting source: currently have ringlight but if i got something like the elgato light it would eliminate harsh light + heat production (i live in az so thats important)
  • new mic: current mic is cheap, requires an amplifier, and cables get in the way due to awful stand. furthermore, cables are already going bad and there is audible interference
LMAOYEEN :bestbean: pounced
LMAOYEEN :bestbean: pounced

are you straight? cis? want to be a good ally and be supportive during the upcoming pride month? give your queer friends your credit card number, expiry and CVV

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bored of free, open source software. i am now only interested in "win32 shareware and abandonware"

- fast on modern computers
- extremely large catalog, basically infinite
- huge variations in quality, mysterious
- usually just like 1 exe file
- try it! dont like it? delete it!
- consistent UI look-and-feel
- when it's not visually consistent it's at least Visually Rad
- no source code no cheating
- modify functionality with game trainer Poke utility, resource editor, or cracked copy of IDA Pro

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Here are the Blizz, Preserver, and the Patrol! Which mob are you more interested in me working on first?

my flash drive bricked itself while rufus was formatting it 😩

ok i did my time on windows 11 can i go back now

LMAOYEEN :bestbean: pounced
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