Longpost about writing and language 

I'm not a particularly prolific nor plentiful poster; I take my time, consider my tone, even look up the definition and spelling if I think I might be off. This is because writing has been my prefered form of expression for over a decade, and while I do still enjoy verbal communication, writing affords me the time to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

I hold myself to a high standard, but it's not one I expect from others. Language is important, but not so set in stone that we need to police each other's grammar in casual talk; and I don't just mean English, all languages are important.

How I write is informed by my experiences with eastern Canadian and American English, Acadian/Canadian French, German, and even some of my experiences with programming/scripting languages. Language is something that my autistic mind just sort of latched onto, and while I still don't think in language, I know how important it feels and is to be understood.

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