We're living in the dark age of music distribution: everything is a subscription to massive libraries that may or may not have the specific song/artist you want, and you can't just buy an album you want. You have to spend money every month/year just to access your library, the artists still aren't paid properly if at all, and we're just expected to uncritically consume; it doesn't matter that these services are unintuitive, full of negative UI design, and you pay a megacorp to give them permission to take your listening data and sell it to advertising algorithms for even more profit.

I can think of no better reason to return to music piracy :blobfoxpirate:

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Megacorp: b-but you can listen for "free" so really, we're providing *30 second ad pops up* a valuable *1 min cereal ad* service *2 minute unskipable political ad*

Me, living that pirate life: So can I, but without the ads and none of you get my data, it's mine.

Megacorp: NNNN*ad*NNOO*ad*OOO*ad*Oo, you can't just subvert the dominant model, how will we pay the record label? How will you know what to listen to next?! Won't someone please think of the poor, starving billionaires?!?!

Me: haha freely aquired music go brrr

@NickKnack once you look at how record labels have been gouging any successful artist or even any artist in general for most their money just for the privilege of redistribution, and you take that in account with spotify's practice of paying artists pennies per a thousand plays, you really learn neither is a musucian's friend

@NickKnack for the record, I usually want more than one sound from my music

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