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Since Snouts goes under today I thought I'd reconstruct the one Good Screed I went on a few weeks back

I love dragons yes I do
I love dragons how about you

NSFW furry art: disappearing clothes 

Commission for BatZee3 ( ), showing off his best magic tricks.

If I unfollow you, don't worry; I'm just pruning my home timeline on one account. Chances are if I unfollow you here it's because I'm already following you on my other account.

Anybody that asks me about the death of Snouts, I’m jus​t going to post this song from now on.

Megacorp: b-but you can listen for "free" so really, we're providing *30 second ad pops up* a valuable *1 min cereal ad* service *2 minute unskipable political ad*

Me, living that pirate life: So can I, but without the ads and none of you get my data, it's mine.

Megacorp: NNNN*ad*NNOO*ad*OOO*ad*Oo, you can't just subvert the dominant model, how will we pay the record label? How will you know what to listen to next?! Won't someone please think of the poor, starving billionaires?!?!

Me: haha freely aquired music go brrr

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We're living in the dark age of music distribution: everything is a subscription to massive libraries that may or may not have the specific song/artist you want, and you can't just buy an album you want. You have to spend money every month/year just to access your library, the artists still aren't paid properly if at all, and we're just expected to uncritically consume; it doesn't matter that these services are unintuitive, full of negative UI design, and you pay a megacorp to give them permission to take your listening data and sell it to advertising algorithms for even more profit.

I can think of no better reason to return to music piracy :blobfoxpirate:

I'm going to hold off on posting about my old instance until it's properly dead. When it is, I will break down my thoughts as to how it fell so quickly and why it sets a bad precedent on Masto as a whole, and not just for large furry instances. For now, I'll let the wound heal and we'll talk about scars when it's all over.

Something I should probably know: does unlisted mean that it shows up in Local but not Fedi?

If not, then what is the difference between unlisted and followers-only?

Longpost about writing and language 

I'm not a particularly prolific nor plentiful poster; I take my time, consider my tone, even look up the definition and spelling if I think I might be off. This is because writing has been my prefered form of expression for over a decade, and while I do still enjoy verbal communication, writing affords me the time to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

I hold myself to a high standard, but it's not one I expect from others. Language is important, but not so set in stone that we need to police each other's grammar in casual talk; and I don't just mean English, all languages are important.

How I write is informed by my experiences with eastern Canadian and American English, Acadian/Canadian French, German, and even some of my experiences with programming/scripting languages. Language is something that my autistic mind just sort of latched onto, and while I still don't think in language, I know how important it feels and is to be understood.

It's been a while since I had more than 1 social media account, and I'm still deciding what each account posts about, shares, and keeps on their respective home timelines. I noticed that this one has a much higher character limit, and since I was going to start attempting microfiction the added input bandwidth might help facilitate that. I also thought of using this as a sort of "daily meditations," something that would push me to put fingers to keyboard on a regular basis; If they eat up a large part of the character limit I'll CW them with the appropriate tags.

Hi there, I'm NickKnack!
Sometimes I walk, sometimes I slither, but I always have arms and a big long tail to cuddle cuties with~

My skills are computers and writing, my passions are videogames and good stories, and I have a healthy appreciation for nature and it's gifts

DM friendly, come on over and say Hi :blobfoxfloofreach:
*pats the spot next to him with the tip of his tail*
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