What the fuck I'm closer to being 22 than 21

Well shit now I'm afraid

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Kind of want to teach a class in downscaling a web site. 99% of web sites don't need 99% of today's common infrastructure. (And 100% of things that are Facebook pages should be their own web sites.)

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Can’t a button to open the apps in offline mode be made to appear after a few seconds?
Google maps handles this well by loading whatever is in cache first and attempting to load in the background.

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i "love" how thanks to facebook and the likes "Delete my account and all data" nowadays is apparently considered to be the same as "Temporarily disable access to my account but keep all data intact so you can continue selling it" :phpbb_expressionless:

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being gay is so funny to me because half the time I'm like

ugh men 🙄

and then the other half I'm like

ugh men 😏🥴🥵

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Sometimes you just gotta lay off the twitter brain and stop being on the lookout for people to prosecute for whatever minor infraction

Unfortunately a lot of fedi still needs to learn this

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Why does this shop play the intro of Evangelion

Well this week is quite stressful and boring at the same time

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