I feel like Stephen Hawking appearing on Sesame Street...


FYI, I don't try to be insulting. My very nature is insulting. I achieved my potential. I didn't just learn what was put in front of me, I sought to learn everything. That is what is insulting - that I suffered early and reap the benefits now as most of life comes easily to me.

Benefit from my wisdom, don't be offended by it.

Maybe instead of Sesame Street we should have had our kids watching Cosmos...


I'm SixFootWolf

I identify as a canine but have achieved my potential as a human being. I am highly intelligent and since experiencing enlightenment in 2012, I have gained a significant understanding of myself, humans, society, our world, and the Universe.

I came here to share my thoughts and put myself out there as an alpha wolf to be followed into a future for those who, like me, prefer to live as wolves live in nature

I suffered brain damage years ago which affected my ability to interact with people, so I largely avoid social interactions. I will answer questions, and may join conversations from time to time, but my primary focus is to share my thoughts with those who would listen.

For those who are interested, I live on a ship, and maintain a website, disperser.info, which conveys what I am doing and why for those who are interested in knowing, and for those who are interested in joining me on my ship or in my future.

Thank you.


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