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I have nothing important, trust me. My profile is most likely a waste of your time, unless you like reading the posts of a depressed, awkward furry, who only really has the courage to rant on here.

First post in a long ass time, but here we go!

Why is it that people with depression and/or anxiety, or people who have had them before, seem to be the only ones who are adamant to help, and the fastest (usually) to recognize it in someone else?

I suppose it could be just shared experience, but I feel like it's something more than that?

Morning horny 

You ever just think about butts all morning?

Butts are good ~

sleepy, affectionate 

It's my great pleasure to introduce you to your new pillow

look, as a community it's time we face facts. belly good—Period. end of sentence

lewdish shitpost 

youve heard of 69

now get ready for the hottest sex position,


-, mental health, depression, anxiety 

So uhh... I really don't know what to do... my depression and anxiety have been getting worse as of late, so all I want to do is sleep, for the temporary reprieve, but every time I do, everything seems to get worse... I suppose I'll try just not sleeping again... y'all got any tips to help with that?

relationship, sabotage, vent 

Don't talk love it when someone tries to sabotage your relationship cause they're jealous, and when that doesn't work, resorts to sabotaging your personal life?


Damn why can't pokemon be real

I want a lucario to pound me

lewd, kinks 

Welp, Guess I'm into a lot more stuff than I thought I'd be

hey yall i just got a hot new idea for an app

its icon is a blue-cyan circle with white detail, and its only purpose is to make it slightly harder to find every other app on your home screen

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