made a wikipedia account (long time coming since i literally use it all the time for all information acquiring)

(to the tune of the daughter brings the water by swans) in the lean... in the lean... the wocky brings the water er er...

why didnt any of my european friends mention to me that theyre basically in an oven rn

i have a confession to make. i once growled at a kid in summer camp when i was 13

but it's an incredibly good song and has already been added to my "songs that make me cry if i focus too hard" playlist

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the owner of a fantasy writing&rp discord server i'm in is an insane person /pos

I am listening to the title track from Harry Styles' "As It Was" and I am IMMEDIATELY LIKE... THE STROKES??? THIS JUST SOUNDS LIKE THEM


wiggled shoulders too hard now my back hurts (totally not from sitting in a desk chair for a. considerable. amount of time)

nevermind! the motion drift on switch's gyro is still abominable

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playing apex legends for the first time and my immediate first response is that i need to change the gyro sensitivity and binds

i just ate oven glizzies wrapped in bread paper

I made a website! It's pretty empty at the moment, i don't plan on it staying it that way.


considering making a minecraft smp with some of my friends (if they would like it) (googles how to make a minecraft server)

the adults talking in peanuts except its the wobba wobba webba a wobba webba guy from plants v zombies

i made this in the frickin' draw function with a mouse :win3_pbrush:

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