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sonic says "gotta go fast" but then we see him eating chili dogs. take your religion seriously, hedgehog

yo why are they posting with no profit incentive

if elementary os is so good where is junior high os

so i ended up just using love2d anyway (like a boss) and i got some basic movement working! it feels really nice, i tried to mimic DUSK's movement as best i could. no collisions yet.

then i played cult of the lamb for 2 hours (its 2 am) i think that was time well spent

SHOULD I GET a new graphics card so i can finally play VR in my tiny room

i have been entertaining the idea of running a radio station for a while now. web radio would be easy to set up methinks, but i wanna broadcast on real FM too.
i have a raspberry pi 3b, so i could use rpi-fm-rds to broadcast, but an acquaintance of mine recommended against it and instead told me to get a real transmitter. that costs money though :/
and if i did end up using the rpi, then i'd need a way to amplify the signal. it doesn't reach very far lol

idk if i ever mentioned it here but me and some other folx were making this silly email alternative called twinmail that leeches onto the gemini protocol and tries to stick to gemini's design goals as well.
still working on the spec, but right now it uses ed448+x448+aes-cbc to ENSURE that gentlemen do not read each other's mail. it also uses a pub/sub delivery system so your server cant be spammed with mail from blocked servers
we also were discussing the usage of virtual stamps to prevent unwanted scams/spam in your inbox. generate a stamp for one use from a certain address, and their mail gets delivered

i had a dream that there was this skii resort with a large square pit at the bottom. whoever fell down the hole was judged, and either landed on a spear trap or a slab of limestone. i dont know what this means

so excited for my trip to the mystery flesh pit! we leave tomorrow morning and i wont have internet access for a week. need to detox from screens

"you are being ratelimited" im going to ratelimit your breathing in a second

thinking about.. halting my main account on arachnid dot town and using this one exclusively

feels weird having two accounts technically if the PoF (Proof of Feet) was designed in such a way that machines were working to generate the validity of the feet pics provided by using AI/ML-vision, that could be used to create unique and trustless random numbers which could very much be used in the same way as traditional PoW, with the feet pics getting increasingly more and more complex and harder to verify the further SIMPs (short for Single Instance Miner Pornaddicts) get into the block of feet pics on the feetchain.

> You ask Maelle to dress more appropriately to avoid standing out.

> Maelle wonders why you still disapprove of this outfit.

> You just want to go to Marble Slab Creamery ...

{By @/chimeracauldron on Twitz!

i want to make a boomer shooter. i very much dislike unity because it is malware that watermarks your games. my go-to choice is usually LOVE2D but there doesnt seem to be any maintained 3D libraries. what should i do?

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