screenshot from earlier today of the editor.
at the time of posting, my excitement has shifted to creating a fantasy console and an assembler for said fantasy console

I revised my 2D code thingy according to the point that @Tumby brought up. It now has alternative black/white pixels, and also inverts the color each line.
Had to make my own dictionary since I now only have 6 bits of data, but it can still be used with any value byte in "raw mode"

i designed a 2D code format thats so basic that i feel like theres something very wrong with it.
anchor point also indicates orientation, followed by 7bit ascii (top to bottom)
it has no error correction because i have a small and stupid brain

well i got him set up. no epaper display yet though (i have no money)

now i struggle to remember an idea i had earlier.... i guess i'll just play tf2

i started making a vvvvvv fangame. theres not much yet since i started like yesterday.

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