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need to study machine learning so i can make an AI that transforms modern webpages into lynx-compatible pages
stop making bloatware

had a dream that people started using their bodies to mine crypto. it got super popular because it was the easiest way to lose weight, but then it was revealed that it cooks your brain inside your skull

an omen

oh boy i sure do love enjoying my day off, i sure hope my work doesnt release my schedule for today, today

want to make.... tiny lightweight non-linux OS with pretty TUI interface and custom applications and games...

call it caveOS 🦇

trying to pick up this old roguelike game i was making a while ago. sucks that i fall asleep every time i sit down though

on a different note, i got a contra 40% keyboard :) keycaps are being shipped. im very excited

1:00 am: its getting late, i'll go to bed soon

4:00 am: there are birds chirping outside.

audio codec that uses a giant library of samples like midi to keep file sizes small

your annoying shitty repetitive advertisements just make me hate your product more. fuck off

I started a game jam focused around my fantasy console to try and get the word out a little!

it uses a fake cpu architecture, so it requires special assembly code. the goal was to make me feel like i'm making a game for a gameboy! from scratch!

boosts appreciated <3

i keep forgetting to check fedi, and then dread it because of all the posts that i missed and then accumulate even more unread posts AAA
i should probably unfollow some really active people who i dont ever talk to

rust users competing to see who can write the least amount of documentation for their crate

ocean pounced

my new hyper efficient compression algorithm: quzip
it reduces file sizes by 100%

when decompressing, it sources the original file from a quantum source of entropy. if the decompressed file is not the same as the original, the universe is destroyed

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