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my dogs must think they're dwarves because they wont stop trying to DIG A HOLE

1) wait for it to steven
2) cover yourself in climp
3) jelq

cant believe my tax money is paying a group of people who's entire job is to stop people from playing with magnets

transmitter arrived. cant find anything online about it other than amazon links. i probably should have done research before buying it, but it was recommended by someone i trust so i just assumed it would work out.
if i understand correctly, the headphone jack doubles as the antenna BUT you can stick some copper wire into the negative battery terminal to use as an antenna instead.
radios are stupid

oh yeah i forgot to say i got activated on cockhost the other day

toki pona dictionary arrives today. i never thought i'd be excited to read a dictionary

finding a homophobe who doesnt make it their whole personality 😃 (they're one of the good ones)

i made the internet radio

now i just need a transmitter designed for FM

trans person: im trans

immortal fool at the bottom of the mariana trench: oh god, my bones are shattered and my innards turned to paste. i feel as though my lungs are climbing up my throat, begging for an iota of oxygen. still, i lay here. my pleads for rot, ignored by the lord who has cursed me so

putting a memetic sticker on my water bottle that plays fortunate son in your head whether you like it or not, until you look away. picture omitted for obvious reasons

goodbye github, hello...

sonic says "gotta go fast" but then we see him eating chili dogs. take your religion seriously, hedgehog

yo why are they posting with no profit incentive

if elementary os is so good where is junior high os

so i ended up just using love2d anyway (like a boss) and i got some basic movement working! it feels really nice, i tried to mimic DUSK's movement as best i could. no collisions yet.

then i played cult of the lamb for 2 hours (its 2 am) i think that was time well spent

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