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look at this wonderful sketch commission i got from @/beaglescouts over on twitter!! i can't believe how cute this came out ;_;

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to anyone seeing me follow them from a new instance! 


I had an account on Snouts that I most likely followed you or were mutuals with you on.

Snouts now has many problems that I do not need to get into on a post on a new instance because it would be exhausting for both you and I to read. In short, I don't see the instance recovering from its poor decisions and it seems to be eating itself alive as I'm writing this.

I now have this account on a smaller instance because I still would like to interact with the friends I've made on that other account without associating with Snouts.

Thanks for reading! I hope this makes sense!

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Intro post 

hi friends! I'm Chris, a dog on the internet who likes to be friends with people. I have a weird fixation on rhythm games and in general I just really like hanging out with others and chatting. I draw sometimes too!* nice to meet y'all!

*like twice a year. I don't think I've drawn much of anything at all in 2020 but I'm gonna come back strong in 2021 and make Three Whole Drawings to make up for it

new june ref in the works and i'm sooooo excited ;;

i'm making the ponytail a Thing. like when she doesn't have her hair down in the long style she still has that swoop she's had from the beginning but i want her to have a ponytail still to emphasize the long hair

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i am going to post a bunch of art of my fursona again soon i think. Sorry

i want to be more interesting here and post more things and things other than just art all the time

wtf. like 5 different people just randomly liked some old art i did here around the same time. where the hell did u come from lol

i keep not keeping to my word and not fursona posting. Hang On

trying to think of things to spice up my character design

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are there any kinds of earrings that work with floppy eared anthro dog characters. just wondering

oh oh oh also i want to hopefully get a refsheet with both hairstyles like this. that way i can just sorta pick and choose what i wanna draw/get drawn by someone else AND finally have consistent reference for it

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