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look at this wonderful sketch commission i got from @/beaglescouts over on twitter!! i can't believe how cute this came out ;_;

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to anyone seeing me follow them from a new instance! 


I had an account on Snouts that I most likely followed you or were mutuals with you on.

Snouts now has many problems that I do not need to get into on a post on a new instance because it would be exhausting for both you and I to read. In short, I don't see the instance recovering from its poor decisions and it seems to be eating itself alive as I'm writing this.

I now have this account on a smaller instance because I still would like to interact with the friends I've made on that other account without associating with Snouts.

Thanks for reading! I hope this makes sense!

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Intro post 

hi friends! I'm Chris, a dog on the internet who likes to be friends with people. I have a weird fixation on rhythm games and in general I just really like hanging out with others and chatting. I draw sometimes too!* nice to meet y'all!

*like twice a year. I don't think I've drawn much of anything at all in 2020 but I'm gonna come back strong in 2021 and make Three Whole Drawings to make up for it

playing fortnite with @j and we won 5 in a row hello

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scored a gem in the record store

(album drawover feat. @j and yours truly)

honestly considering maybe selling my ipad + pencil in the future because i think i just don't like drawing on it as much as i thought i would

i wanna be a silly cat online or something. it would be fun

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Chris pounced
Chris pounced

SUUUUUUUPER cute sketch page comm i got from @/quasarbunart over on twitter

it's me! the dog girl!!

i can't wait to share the next comm i'm getting it's so cute i'm gonna cry over it

thinking on this and fuck it. if people start asking questions i can just say "it's a funny dog girl :)"

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horrible realization: as my sona becomes more Girlish i'm going to want to use art of her as my icon across more things and i'm just gonna have to hope to god that irls don't take notice

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$ asking for help (pinned) 

Hey, I'm a photographer and I make music. I don't make any money from my creative efforts and have been relying on my minimum wage job to be able to keep myself going and pay rent.

I promise I'm job hunting but the rejection letters are starting to pile up enough to where I'm getting worried. I really don't want to have to sell my camera or what little music equipment I have as that is all that keeps me sane.

CashApp: $GumbyRat

mind full of dog girl. i'm so excited. fuckin. wag wag


you ever have a drink and realize like an hour later you just drank something called "Dick Pills"

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i always feel so awkward about giving descriptions to artists bc of this but how else will they know what i want if i don't just say it!!!

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i don't think anything was more reassuring than literally asking the artist "hey i came out as trans can you give my sona a bit of a chest please" and them going "yeah sure thing" JHSFJKLHDLFKJSH

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getting some gender reaffirming fursona art soon i'm so excited

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