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look at this wonderful sketch commission i got from @/beaglescouts over on twitter!! i can't believe how cute this came out ;_;

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to anyone seeing me follow them from a new instance! 


I had an account on Snouts that I most likely followed you or were mutuals with you on.

Snouts now has many problems that I do not need to get into on a post on a new instance because it would be exhausting for both you and I to read. In short, I don't see the instance recovering from its poor decisions and it seems to be eating itself alive as I'm writing this.

I now have this account on a smaller instance because I still would like to interact with the friends I've made on that other account without associating with Snouts.

Thanks for reading! I hope this makes sense!

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Intro post 

hi friends! I'm Chris, a dog on the internet who likes to be friends with people. I have a weird fixation on rhythm games and in general I just really like hanging out with others and chatting. I draw sometimes too!* nice to meet y'all!

*like twice a year. I don't think I've drawn much of anything at all in 2020 but I'm gonna come back strong in 2021 and make Three Whole Drawings to make up for it

honestly considering grabbing a quest or something after this depressing semester ends so i can play beat saber lmfao


it's surprisingly hard to draw girl bulge lol

does anyone have an oculus quest 1. how well does the tracking work in relatively confined spaces with kinda weird lighting? are things like movement adjustable

fuck it i think i got the rough idea of this drawing down lol i'm sick of working on the sketch i just wanna line sdjhfkjsdhf

anyone know any good fairly priced usb c hubs that also have a headphone jack? i wanna get one for my ipad

who knew drawing my fursona with curves would make me feel so good kjdshjkhsgfjhs

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very glad i'm giving my fursona tummy. it's long overdue

i could compromise with a thigh up but... no i want to do a full one for once!!!

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wtf do i do for the legs here yall

i need to try drawing a fullbody for the first time and not pussy out!!

Chris pounced

Here's a commission I did!! First time I've ever done pooltoy art...................

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Aaaaa my friend Eclair (@flat_pumpkin on Insta) drew this for me as a surprise! Aaaa look she’s so fucking rad πŸ’€πŸ€

Chris pounced

my art 

tried changing my fursona up a lil

i know i've just been coming on here to say hi at weird hours but honestly considering every circumstance in my life at the moment i just sorta crawl around the internet at night

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so here's the choices i have for this:

-Scoop Dogg


they are both very good.

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