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look at this wonderful sketch commission i got from @/beaglescouts over on twitter!! i can't believe how cute this came out ;_;

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to anyone seeing me follow them from a new instance! 


I had an account on Snouts that I most likely followed you or were mutuals with you on.

Snouts now has many problems that I do not need to get into on a post on a new instance because it would be exhausting for both you and I to read. In short, I don't see the instance recovering from its poor decisions and it seems to be eating itself alive as I'm writing this.

I now have this account on a smaller instance because I still would like to interact with the friends I've made on that other account without associating with Snouts.

Thanks for reading! I hope this makes sense!

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Intro post 

hi friends! I'm Chris, a dog on the internet who likes to be friends with people. I have a weird fixation on rhythm games and in general I just really like hanging out with others and chatting. I draw sometimes too!* nice to meet y'all!

*like twice a year. I don't think I've drawn much of anything at all in 2020 but I'm gonna come back strong in 2021 and make Three Whole Drawings to make up for it

June pounced

i'm gonna be so spoiled by this so i'm gonna savor it as much as i can before battery life inevitably tanks a few years down the line HAHA

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i just realized something. i charged my phone to just shy of 80% yesterday before leaving for work at around 2, used it throughout the day, etc etc

it's 9 am the next day and it's at 54%

houghhghgh. i wonder if it will come here in the next few hours and i can get it set up before i go to work tonight

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i haven't actually touched vr in ages LOL i really need an excuse to use it again

need to spend some time as a strange little creature online but in a literal sense

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someone made a tasque manager vrchat avatar and now i wanna be tasque manager

bitches will sit around and say "i'm fine" and then start thinking about Undertale OST Track 71

still thinking about deltarune and more specifically the music. the music of these games sticks with me so hard it's insane

June pounced

A description of the piece goes here. [Year] (A link goes here)

just saw a comparison between the current iphone se (which is basically the same shape and size to the 6s) and the 5a and holy shit the screen is bigger than my PHONE

this is gonna be such whiplash lmfao

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just learned that the screen on the pixel 5a is even BIGGER than the screen on the note 4 was when i had that, what the hell

i have no clue how i am going to readjust to having a huge phone after using an iphone 6s for half a decade lmfao

ok i stopped being a little bitch and better battery life will be Mine soon

i've lived with a 16gb phone for like 5+ years i can make do with 128. it's 2021 i have to be grateful that this thing has a fucking headphone jack

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genuinely just stalling on clicking "purchase" on the phone i'm close to getting just because i'm sitting here actually thinking to myself "but what if i can find one with a microsd slot"

make more quirky "normal" characters with fun designs for the weird lookin people out there like me. it's actually very uplifting i'm not even joking lol

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noelle deltarune's facial design genuinely makes me very happy as a fellow Long Face Haver

think i'm v close to getting a pixel soon. lots of benefits to think about over ios personally i think but both have features i like, so it's like. lmao

deltarune ch2 (this thread is spoilers if that matters) 

susie and noelle are so good in this chapter


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