spoiler free thought on deltarune ch2 (it's more of a one sentence reaction than anything dw) 

i'm laughing so fucking hard playing this chapter, it's been really really good

i need to sleep because i have work but god dude kjsdhfksjhdf

June pounced
June pounced

suggestive, BIG BUTT, my art 

Commission for latchbag over on twitter :3

June pounced

art for me, suggestive, big boobey 

puppy drawn by naycelium on twitter,

give him a squeeeeeze :)

barks for no reason so you hear it echoing throughout the neighborhood

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i'm home and i am going to cause chaos on your timeline

June pounced
June pounced

nsfw, my art, BULGE 

Commission for ItsNoogs on twitter :>

June pounced

my art, butt, nsfw 

frog for sonokido on twitter

world flipper 

@HuskerFu oh wait this is that game where this tiger girl character is from huh. hmmmmmmmmmmm

June pounced

i was led to believe that dragonite day was just a few days ago but then i looked it up and couldn't find anything about it. anyway.

most graceful creature in the sky

it's called labor day because it's a day you have to work

this is like the third time i've made this joke and it's because i'm unoriginal and also annoyed that i have to work today

June pounced

life drastically improves once you get yourself back to unironically using emotes like ;w; and ;A;

i don't want to work my shift tonight. can someone else cover it for me. i'll buy you food

June pounced

nsfw, my art 

Commission I did for LewderPancakes on birdy site

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