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first line art in a while. first drawing i've actually worked on in a whiiileeee

my first full body... ever i think?? lmfao

comin back to this finally, for the tail i just made a few swoops and i really like how it's coming out actually lmao

starting to instinctively give my fursona a collar and i think that's a good thing

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testing out a new tablet and i accidentally made that one blushing emote

isn't it great when a product has a funny little animal mascot on it

making music on the computer is too hard, people who do this regularly are fucked up

vrchat avatar question 

so do i have to interact with a bunch of people to upload an avatar i have? or can i just fuck around in unity and try to get it uploaded

how does the whole process work because it seems weirdly inaccessible

June pounced

me and my boyfriend snuggling up on the couch with a game

I stream art every thursday! if you wanna help pick what I draw, get the full res versions of my art, and get some other perks, please support me on patreon

i've been so incredibly tired lately yall ;; i haven't gotten more than maybe 2 hours of sleep a night for the past week or two

it's kind of amazing how much the default windows program for any basic function you would use on a computer sucks ass

June pounced


I got another piece of art from TheKittyFred on twitter and this picture perfectly captures my essence: I'm fat, I'm cute, and I am sleepy

on that note if anyone has any cute avatars to recommend... let me know.......... if i'm gonna be around people i gotta be cute

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i think it'd be worth it though. i haven't socialized in person for the past year and something like this is probably as close as i'd get for a bit

maybe i will as soon as i figure out how to get an avatar uploaded (or i can find a good one)

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kinda wanna hop in on one of those vrc meetups one of these days but the feeling of intruding on something even though it's clearly not intruding is very strong

just got my first shot. if this doesn't turn me into a hot furry babe then i will be very disappointed

hey at least i can probably break for secret sky on saturday though LOL

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i get my first jab. i have to attend a zoom call 30 minutes after i get poked so i'm probably gonna do it while on transit. i have to scramble to get more work done. it's so much !!

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my schedule tomorrow is gonna be so busy. this week and next week are moving my so fast yet so slow and i'm so anxious lmfao

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