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want to make a fluffy dragon and deer OC/Sona but can't find f2u bases hhhhh

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If someone has a Hero and Instance Image I could use for this instance hmu kthx

I want to go back to bed but I have to fix my Discord Nitro gift stuff and hhhhhhhhhh

i may be dumb as shit, but im pupy and am therefore immune to criticism

If we think about it, I'm basically a lapdog

Buenos días werewolf powerbottoms. Just good morning to everyone else

sleepy, affectionate 

boyes in undies that accentuate their thighs 😍

boyes in undies 😍

boyes 😍

is urinating with a penis really so hard?! 

relationship / intimate / gay furry art 

self promo 

“Hey Doc, feeling kinda sad”

Doctor, in a low growl, “Do you long to feel the loam of the forest on your footpads?”


Doctor, baring teeth “Do you crave the camaraderie that can only come from stalking prey as a pack?”


“Then ask your Doctor if Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

“You are my doctor”

“Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

henlo, we're back after like 4 hours of ( sudden ) downtime

It's okay to be a potato as long as you don't mash yourself

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