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If someone has a Hero and Instance Image I could use for this instance hmu kthx

birdsite, terf mention, somewhat pol 

@owashii thanks to your current icon, every time you post a toot it's like there's this handsome doggo who's poking his head into my timeline like "hi! bark!"

picked my first ghost pepper today and I have a bag FULL of reapers in the freezer so I made a new hot sauce label for a recipe I haven't developed yet lol

as a paw fanatic i feel i have no one to go to when i am in my times of need, those being when i need to. rant incoherently about how much i love soft paws

Anon said:
Let's say you are kidnapped, and have to tell the best joke you know to go free.

Owashii replied:
A penguin brings his car to a mechanic to fix some engine trouble. It's a really hot day so he decides to get some ice cream while he's waiting. By the time he gets back to the mechanic, it's melted and he's got ice cream all over him.

Mechanic says "Well, it looks like you blew a seal."

Penguin replies "Oh, no. It's just ice cream!"

the new Firefox [Browser] logo has a very good snoot and ears and they made the tail fluffier! Imo that makes up for the lack of paw

get ready, my debut novel is coming out

My Daddy, the Werewolf

Technically, for something to be a sexually transmitted *disease*, it has to have a net negative impact on your life, so that’s why you shouldn’t worry about having sex with me, a lycanthropy-positive person!

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Anon asked:
What's your favorite method of murder?

Owashii replied:
I'm a dog. I don't have one.

who's cute 

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