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If someone has a Hero and Instance Image I could use for this instance hmu kthx

Apparently someone is going around telegram pretending to be me and posting really problematic stuff in group chats.
Please preemptively block this person, or if you see them appear in your groupchat, immediately kick them.
The difference is their username is sp00kyfleas, with two zeros.

*overclocks, and purrs at twice the previous rate*

if you're bappy and you know it plap your paws

birdsite "rant" 

You don't have to be a furry to enjoy furry stuff, but you do have to admit that maybe we're not the crazies you thought we were for being into talking animal people :U

Non furries getting into Beastars and then getting mad at furries who enjoy it is wild because it means they have to admit to themselves that furry is just another interest like any other and not a moral failure like they love to pretend it is.

pol shitpost 

The only thing that'd bother me is the fact that Programs like DB Browser cannot access the files in it, due to it being a Network Drive when you run 'explorer.exe .' in the Terminal

The WSL integration VSC has is great and I honestly can't say anything bad about it.

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