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If someone has a Hero and Instance Image I could use for this instance hmu kthx

:trash: :blobcatreach: why throw away these perfectly good bytes when you could feed them to me??

I put pronouns in my bio because:

-it literally took 5 seconds to do
-it helps a lot of people feel more comfortable interacting with me
-it has the added benefit if making a lot of shitheads really upset for some reason

did caddy get it's shit together? Does it give me SSL Certs again?
If so, I'd totally use it again, but last time it literally didn't want to give me any certs

I need to set up a mail server and a web server at one point xd

the water is using literally any other website at any point

youโ€™ve been hit by

youโ€™ve been bapped by


My friends love calling me by my many nicknames such as "why the hell is he here" and "dude get the fuck out of my house"

pls be quiet.... am trying to do a sleep... thank mew...


ngl, the only reason I always try to put a dark/light toggle on my sites is because of @nilsding

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