@pixel yeah, it's kindof like tumblr with how much you can edit there

@edgedestroys go from hard woof to soft awoo because both is cute and together it's even cuter uwu

:trash: :blobcatreach: why throw away these perfectly good bytes when you could feed them to me??

I put pronouns in my bio because:

-it literally took 5 seconds to do
-it helps a lot of people feel more comfortable interacting with me
-it has the added benefit if making a lot of shitheads really upset for some reason

@nilsding I'm literally using the command we use for this but a little edited and hhhh


@nilsding I need to check the command we use to run this again tbh

did caddy get it's shit together? Does it give me SSL Certs again?
If so, I'd totally use it again, but last time it literally didn't want to give me any certs

I need to set up a mail server and a web server at one point xd

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