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I also could've just missed them literally every day,,, but I highly doubt that

apparently I was subscibed to DanTDM. And he's been uploading Videos almost every day. I literally only got an Upload from him in my SubBox because I watched a few Minecraft Vids yesterday. I literally never got any of his other vids in my SubBox.

youtube wtf

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yet another birdsite hot take, homophobia, pedophile mention, twitter is a mess you should know this by now lol Show more

if an overflow goes to the gym to lift, that's how you get a "buffer overflow"

I need to actually finish the things I started coding. Kaito is basically done, thankfully. Now I just need to actually finish's rewrite and work on the Relay thing I wanted to make for @NONSTOPPUP

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Dear small animals,

You are cute and I love you,

But since my head is a full metre seventy above yours

Please do not stand around my legs while I'm doing things.

I do not want to step on you.

A Concerned Citizen

my friends: *are talented af artists*
me: "if I had enough money I would literally throw all of it at all of you, don't test me"

henlo, I am supposed to write a final but I'm retaking so I'm on my macbook

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