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phone plan / switching 

phone plan / switching 

Really tempted to update my phone to iOS 13 Beta tomorrow tbh

Fediverse surveillance project (r000t) 

it's 4:20am and I'm eating strawberry cheesecake ice cream

@hyperlink just because I have wings doesn’t mean I’m your wingman

Saw an interesting question on twitter and thought I’d paraphrase it here to get another perspective:

Furries: do you see fursona more as a character or more as yourself?

this furry convention is the worst ever

there's offices and cubicles everywhere at this venue and so many people on the phone

I have to use my con badge to open the doors to even get in

worse yet they're just selling root canal equipment, and everyone is just playing "Dynamics AX" and "SalesForce" at the LAN party smh, fucking terrible games

I keep being told to keep it down

no one even has a fursuit on although I'm convinced this one dude in a three piece suit has a "corporatesona"

horny shitpost 

Kubernetes is just spicy Windows 95.

If something does not work, restart it (i.e. kill the pod)

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