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konsti's xp-posting 

polished up the classic theme to be fully complete, possibly adding in the classic start menu

now also supports webkit more properly, including custom scrollbars

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introduction post 

A good bunch of you already know me, but hi folks! I'm Konsti, and sometimes I pretend to be a very baby pink dog who's possibly plushy, possibly memory foam.

I like dorking around with old tech and drawing furries messing with said old tech! Currently fascinated with building a little universe for three characters of mine who you'll get to know with time.

I also do the odd design job and touch around in other forms like 3D renders!

why the hell do you take half a minute to open and have arbitrarily pinging and unmapped notifications, who built you?

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god how i wish discord would just literally go away as a platform

so potentially so far:
- cpu issue
- bios update needed
- memory problem?

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Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

discord: hey someone mentioned you in this channel
me: taps notification
discord: oh you actually wanted to see where you were mentioned? lol, lmao

Genderless insult for when you're being trolled by linux installers 

@schratze sudo apt get fucked

okay so it tried writing to the macos efi partition instead of its own drive, uhh.. this is gonna be fun

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weird seeing this setup in native res, im always used to it being a stretched out 800x600 mess

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time to reinstall windows with trepid hesitation and hope i didnt forget any content backups/it wont fuck up my bootloader

so long as i can find a distro that has a nice (retro) look to it

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the temptation to try out linux slightly grows after this crusty experience

i really should've formatted my storage drive to exFat instead of ntfs...

backing stuff up on a flash drive is a royal pain

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:konqi:​ Who are you?
:konqi_drip:​ I'm you but cooler...

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