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A good bunch of you already know me, but hi folks! I'm Konsti, and sometimes I pretend to be a very baby pink dog who's possibly plushy, possibly memory foam.

I like dorking around with old tech and drawing furries messing with said old tech! Currently fascinated with building a little universe for three characters of mine who you'll get to know with time.

I also do the odd design job and touch around in other forms like 3D renders!

just check how much print surface is used for /one/ part of a phone box's graphics

8.5x11" sheet on the left for size comparison

Here are the new Google logos for 2025: Maps, Gmail, Photos and Drive. We removed all shapes that reference real world objects, because those are metaphors from the past. Instead, we asked ourselves: what color aura does each product radiate? Now, we're able to apply a uniform br

in 2019 i drew my fursona onto the herb alpert album cover with the whipped cream dress. i had a lot of fun making puns for song titles

these are going in for my diploma exam tomorrow.. hope they like em

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Apple has identified a number of problems with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. These issues revolve around the new MagSafe feature, including:

• very high temperatures while charging (phones will stop charging at 80% to prevent potentially dangerous accidents)
• destroys magnetic strips and RFID chips, most notably in credit/debit cards, rendering them useless
• damages leather phone cases, leaving marks from the MagSafe charger
• MagSafe magnet is incredibly weak. this could be dangerous as the magnetic wallets Apple designed for MagSafe might ✨disappear✨ from the back of your phone

Be wary of this if you’ve bought the new phone.


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