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introduction post 

A good bunch of you already know me, but hi folks! I'm Konsti, and sometimes I pretend to be a very baby pink dog who's possibly plushy, possibly memory foam.

I like dorking around with old tech and drawing furries messing with said old tech! Currently fascinated with building a little universe for three characters of mine who you'll get to know with time.

I also do the odd design job and touch around in other forms like 3D renders!

not sure if i did the best job accurately getting the moods across tho

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idk why I did this but, uh, here y'all go. The first one is transparent in case you, needed that 🤷‍♀️

Are your Joycons sliding out of their holders? Your buckle locks have probably worn down and need to be replaced.

Fortunately this is a fairly simple process if you know what you're doing, and I can show you.

In this thread, I will explain with pictures and instructions how to replace buckle locks for #JoyconRepair

SUUUUUUUPER cute sketch page comm i got from @/quasarbunart over on twitter

it's me! the dog girl!!


thinking about how much bulgarian food is probably ultra-gross by other cultures's standards

i imagine every culture has its weird recipes, but the thought just struck me as i was chowing down on this olivier salad

so when's someone gonna recreate a modern variant of the ][GS keyboard

instacart, union busting 

instacart is laying off 2,000 of its 10,000 employees, including every single employee who voted to unionize.

can I get a good rousing "fuck instacart" going in the chat

i wanna hook this up to a computer and run windows 8

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dug up a little soviet tv we had in our attic!! a Sofia 31. Top mounted controls, monochrome screen, green back. cute lil unit

Open for nice words if you need them 

You deserve happiness. No matter when your brain or anyone else tells you. You deserve it.

To assist visual creatives during COVID-19, Serif has once again launched 90-day trials of their Affinity apps (which will still work if you've used their trials before), as well as a 50% off sale for their entire line of Affinity apps as well as content and workbooks.

debating making this an actual sticker on redbubble, whadaya think?

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