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introduction post 

A good bunch of you already know me, but hi folks! I'm Konsti, and sometimes I pretend to be a very baby pink dog who's possibly plushy, possibly memory foam.

I like dorking around with old tech and drawing furries messing with said old tech! Currently fascinated with building a little universe for three characters of mine who you'll get to know with time.

I also do the odd design job and touch around in other forms like 3D renders!

Blender Guru, NFTs 

The Blender Guru vid

"Thousands of donuts just lying around on hard drives"

"Let's use them for something good"
Oh word?

"Let's help Blender's development!"
Yo nice

"Send me your donuts and I'll make them into a mozaic!"
Oh shit that's cool

"Which will be sold as an NFT and all procee-"

possibly a weird lil soviet remnant is this brandless milk chocolate. now made by mondelez, but still just says “milk choc” on the front. costs like 90 cents and tastes decent

between every 20 normal toots, there has to be one "im a nerd for some weirdly specific shit" toot

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this insert in particular will be tough to figure out without ruining it 😬

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trying to size out the zune packaging for a potential recreation... there’s more parts to this than i thought

how do you vocalize the goodnight phrase “nini”?

yeah it sure did bitch you plugged the website back in when you should have accidentally covered the servers in rare earth magnetes

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"grandma, why didn't they try to reverse climate change when they had the chance?"

"well you see, speculative investors wanted to make quick cash. So, they generated a ton of power to create numbers on a digital ledger. The digital ledger was for a joke currency based off of a 10 year old internet meme featuring a dog. Wow. So scare. lol"

"Fuck you grandma."

classy of twitter to die in the midst of negotiating a comm

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