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introduction post 

A good bunch of you already know me, but hi folks! I'm Konsti, and sometimes I pretend to be a very baby pink dog who's possibly plushy, possibly memory foam.

I like dorking around with old tech and drawing furries messing with said old tech! Currently fascinated with building a little universe for three characters of mine who you'll get to know with time.

I also do the odd design job and touch around in other forms like 3D renders!

all this bc i wanted a more up to date version of safari

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after one hour of troubleshooting with kexts and gpu framebuffer attributes, i've got both screens working again

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hopefully installing an update on a hackintosh while i have a comm due doesnt bite me in the ass

reinstalled my macbook recently and made the user account just a bit cursed

Hey, I've got more slots available for high quality vector emoji/sticker commissions. DM me if you're interested!

Panic has in their possession an internal iPod prototype and they decided to finally write about it

i got featured in an article about zunes lmao

peak konsti moment


throwback to this moment two years ago when we noticed a striking resemblance b/w kihu and the local pop scene

Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.

mastodon is a great platform, one of the best platforms... i believe we will do very great things on it. did you know that it's federated? not many people do! it's federated, just like the constitution. we love the constitution, don't we, folks? yes, we do


passed by an ENT today, got forwarded for a check by an audiologist on nov 2nd. wish me luck please

why do they call it an allen wrench when you all in wrench the thing and all out eat the wrench

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