if this drawing's shown me anything, it's that more folks are nostalgic for tux racer than i expected

@PsyChuan :konsti: “no u see im just smol... im a whole.. *counts fingers* five years old”

@dogo oh my god konsti you're a precious donut TwT

@dogo tux racer is objectively good, although it could do with a remaster by now :P

@dogo it still uses immediate mode OpenGL, and tux still looks like a bunch of connected spheres instead of a penguin :P

@ChlorideCull whats immediate mode? should i presume that basically means game speed and fps are tied?

@dogo sorry, I could've explained it better

basically, immediate mode is a way of writing code that uses OpenGL in a way that more closely matches how graphics cards worked ages ago

these days, you tell the graphics card "here's an object made of these polygons, save it", and then later go "please draw that object here", it means the graphics card can do stuff while the CPU does work

in immediate mode you go "okay i'm gonna render something" then "render a polygon here, here, and here" a bunch of times, and then go "okay I'm done" at which point it can actually be sent to the graphics card and it can start doing work

@ChlorideCull omg i see, basically its less work dedicated on the gpu

@dogo exactly, it's a remnant from back when GPUs had so called "fixed function pipelines", as in it was less a general processor that could run programs, and more a bunch of math operations which the computer could string together

@dogo the ingame music of tux racer is what actually brought me to tracker modules

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