got OpenShell to play nicely with windowblinds, so now it can do start menu skinning instead

a small win for whenever i get around to making this an installable customization pack

itll never happen but i hope some future release of win 10 goes back to smth like this

@nilsding working on a batch installer for it, i could show you what ive got so far (pls dont judge the code lmao im baby)... the tough part is there's a lot of registry editing involved and im just too lazy to put in the time for it

@nilsding or rather im too lazy to dig up all the commands to add/edit/remove registries, then test those in vm to make sure they dont fuck up, and add in checks and stuff

@dogo i think PowerShell would be awesome for that (as it’s a more useful programming language than Batch is, I mean you can even call .NET stuff using it so you could also create dialog windows and stuff if you wanted to), but it’s a bit of a pain to setup initially as you have to allow running untrusted scripts first

and no judgement about the Batch code from my side lmao, I don’t know what’s possible with it except for some very basic stuffs

@nilsding my idea is for the installer to want minimal user effort so like having to enable untrusted scripts would be finicky. that said im all eyes for smth that enables gui support

@dogo if you want I can assist you in making a basic C# winforms-based UI, would be a fun side-project for sure :D

@dogo Can't find a decent download for Windowsblinds anywhere
looks good btw

@Chk991 i got a legal copy for dirt cheap off humble bundle but i imagine WB10 is floating round on a russian tracker somewhere!

@Froggo ive not dared touch windows 11 yet. maybe i should shove it in a vm and see how far i can take it??

@marsupialgutz yeahhh cant pull this off entirely with msstyle anymroe i dont think

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