sicko hickory complete
(may try a colored version tomorrow)

@g i missed this on here but @Siph showed it to me in tele a lil bit ago, along with your site. huge adorable factor!!!

@dogo "Животът те е излъгал че си баси остроумния" this sticker has destroyed me, the pack is amazing.

@fennecbyte fjksdflksd a rare gift for the few bulgarians who'll cross paths with it

@dogo Hickory casually sipping on a jar of pickles is such a strong Bulgarian mood, I love it so much.

@fennecbyte have u ever seen someone in bulgo actually doin it tho

@dogo Yes, and it's not just me looking into a mirror.

@fennecbyte ah we've found the second bulgarian pickledrinker

@dogo YES I love when people draw their characters in the SICKO pose

@keliff @dogo is this what the cool kids mean by sicko mode?

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