One of the reasons I'm trying to go back to a more "normal" sleep schedule is to make staying up late feel special again

I was extremely lucky to be able to move to an apartment on my own at 17, and this was before my uni year started so for a couple of months I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. In one of the first few nights I was up at 3AM and for the first time I didn't give a shit about it because my parents weren't here nor was anybody else, so I didn't feel any guilt about it. Plus I lived on the 25th floor of one of the tallest buildings in my city and the view was awesome

I don't miss much from that apartment but I sure do miss that view. I'm living on the first floor now and it's boooring, plus people outside can just see inside my place


@Siph 25th floor sounds pleasant!! i've always lived on the 5-6th floor in buildings w/o elevators and while it keeps u in shape god does it get tedious sometimes

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