the more i grow up the more i appreciate new socks

@dogo Last month I felt like getting something nice for myself and bought some new, brightly-colored socks online, and excitedly tore into the package when it arrived only to stare down at my hands and wonder "Who AM I?"


@dogo @srol sometimes you might feel the years ketchup on you too.

@dogo I just did a fuck ton of laundry and have so many mismatched socks I think I'm going to take this post as a sign to get nice new ones

@synthgal do it! get some comfy thick wool ones too for the cold days

@dogo I have quite a few thick socks for cold days, it's the thin daily ones I need

@dogo a few weeks ago I treated myself to $100 worth of new socks and underwear, it's the best thing ever

@dogo a bunch of bamboo underwear that fits really well and is really soft, and also some simple thin stretchy socks that fit over my weird feet, lol

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