konsti rants, the modern web is a joke 

why did u go through the effort of making any kind of web app if you’ll stop me from using it within 15 seconds

why do u think this’ll make me install ur app rather than just make me go “fuck you” and wait till im on a computer so i can avoid your shit

konsti rants, the modern web is a joke 

its wild how many apps do this - facebook, instagram, tiktok, pinterest, reddit. i guess add onedrive to that list lmao

between this and all the newsletter/notification popups on websites i gotta wonder what kind of kick in the head all of these project leads gotta be on to force their devs to add this shit


konsti rants, the modern web is a joke 

the modern web feels like its so much of this - competent devs who'd make a seamless service that lets u do what u need, hindered at every step by corporate saying we need more datamining.

erode every bit of usability and respect of ur platform for those $3 microsoft, sure. thanks, satya nadell

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