@tsunderdog no idea! i dont know what kind of computers used 8” diskettes

@dogo me neither, i've never used a diskette that large! Would make a cool decoration anyway

@dogo @tsunderdog the only computer we know of that someone might actually have owned (rather than company property) with an 8" floppy drive is the TRS-80 model 2

If you want to know what's on it, i think adrian of the youtube channel adrian's digital basement has a working 8" floppy drive (and seems like the kind of guy who'd be willing to help with this kind of thing), you may be able to send it to him to get it read. if you don't care about what's on it, it's a pretty cool decoration!

@dogo these are so old even i've only ever seen them and never used one omg. my dad had a couple from college growing up

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