konsti here, back with another disaster for you all

this has to be the most cursed thing ive made so far this year

logon-inspired user profiles and that's gonna be it for now

added in some "unread posts in column" indicators inspired from XP SP2's security center

i wish firefox would finally properly support backdrop-filter and scrollbar styling so this could be more complete tho

@lunalapin thank u! :33 i didnt think folks would care for this tbh

@katnjiapus @lunalapin thats the idea for rn :33 as long as i can somehow make a full theme scss file out of this it should be good to go

@f2k1de ah im just working away on it atm! idk when it’ll really be available, it’s in baby stages rn

@dogo needs the assistant doggo imo, like masto95 has Clippy

@dogo actually the server mascot in the style of the XP search dog would be amazing

@noiob oh gosh that'd be a good bit of work i imagine tho, would prolly need a 3d model

that said i dont MIND the idea

@dogo you used to be able to set it to a very y2k silver though

@noiob ooh maybe! i wonder where would be suitable though

@dogo genuinely don't know what the holdup with backdrop-filter is, it could just be on by default when hw-accel is on

@noiob yeah its been like what, 3 years? wild at this point

@noiob whats weird is even if i enable it under macos it just… doesnt work??

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