the cinema we’re at just played the “you wouldnt download a car” thing unironically lmao

what year is it

still fucking struck at this lmao

who do they think will snitch to the cyber crime dpt in a country where its common culture to pirate what the fuck

this country barely has a legal copy of windows around and you’re getting at movie piracy lmao

@dogo did you hit your head or something? it's 2005! every movie starts with that. you catch the new V for Vendetta trailer?

@dogo i really laugh out loud in the theatre when i see shit like that

@dogo you wouldn't download a 3D design and print it yourself ...

@dogo My Canadian butt has a strange relationship to these, cuz like... Piracy actually isn't illegal in Canada† and yet they'd still show stuff obviously coming out of Usonia like that about how Piracy is a Federal Crime and all that

†We do have a federal law entitled "Piracy", but it's literally about stealing boats and mutinying and stuff lol

@naln1 based canada (i hate using that word but it’ll happen here)

@dogo what if... they pirated that sequence themselves

@nilsding @dogo

I heard the original music artist actually did sue them over that music, because they didn't purchase the rights.

I hope it's true. 😈

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