redirected to another server while I reinstall everything, email and such will not go anywhere however as the mail server is down... for now your best bet to contact me would be through telegram:

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so turns out I screwed up my server beyond repair, gotta reinstall everything again, massive outage time


The biggest lie in history 

"We don't sell your data"

> switches back to linux, wifi is very slow
...I don't wanna switch back to Windows

Sorry for any inconvenience this could've caused

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It turns out a router was knocked offline, so every service behind the NAT was also knocked offline

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made this unlisted since it doesn't matter that much lol

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the unfortunate part is that even when it's deleted, I have to wait for it to be removed here by a cron job or something since this instance has a version that predates commit 8be4c2b

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tfw I have to wait for my keybase account to be deleted and it just can't get deleted instantly

Forgot to reply when it updated but everything is back up

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My site might be down for a bit as I am switching from Cloudflare to another DNS provider

I might as well redirect (my now-dead instance) to this instance tbh

so my site kind of works without JavaScript now

I just realized, social distancing means we can't use TCP, we must all use UDP

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