nsfw ... time issues 

I am always so horny when I first wake up, but everyone I could cha with are asleep still or just not around… Just AAAA… why can’t I be frisky when others are…

hypno, cock 

Saw this, and just would love to have my mind just fucked out… src: furaffinity.net/view/43521198/

~HACK~ AD pounced

nsfw: hypno, sub urges 

I don’t know what it is lately. But omg, I’m so much more needy lately. I’m craving to be used and head emptied a lot more than usual.

nsfw: hypno 

Just want to find and loose myself in a good spiral and let go for a while… head empty is nice. :blobfoxupsidedowndizzy:

NSFW: Vore 

So thinking about more these days, have a close friend I enjoy doing things with and they are very much into . The parts I am enjoying is the maws, and the feeling being lesser and becoming a part of another. I however, am a bit curious what others who are prey or pred thoughts on it. I really wanna know more and understand it more.

Suggestive NSFW 

Wasn’t a big fan of the colors on this skirt, but did feel a little thirsty

Kink Talk 

So I wonder if anyone else enjoys friend getting them into kinks. Like I have a bunch of friends into and honestly over time it’s been interesting how I’ve slowly descending into that hole… pun intended

~HACK~ AD pounced

VR Model, Muzzle 

I think this looks cute on me, what do you think? (The textures don’t look quite right, because this is preview mode in Blender)

NSFW, Kink Talk 

I recently had a few situations with my largest kink. That is hypnosis/mind control… I know it’s a scary kink, especially for people who don’t know how to be safe. I used to not be, but that said I’m still with people I trust can end up in certain situations. But once I come back up, I can deal with what happened. But I recently had an incident with one person I thought I could trust who tried to implant some desire to buy them things… but they apologized the next day, and I still don’t know how to feel about it…

NSFW, Solo 

Just my old character, some of the last artwork I got of them. Where they are just looking up showing off all submissive like. The artist sent me two versions because they had some personal issues and I told them to just keep the money don’t worry about it but 8 months later they finished the art and sent me two versions. Was very nice of them.

NSFW, collar/leash play 

Some more old art work of my partner and my old character, as he looks down at me holding my leash.

NSFW, Musk 

I enjoy myself some musk, this is me and one of my partners. Where my old character is sniffing their musk while they just play on their phone.


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