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Kahjit is not gay, but coin is coin.

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sysadmin, question, proxmox, networking 

Does anyone here have experience with Linux Networking within Proxmox?

I've been wanting to move to a new server but I need a very specific networking setup and everybody that I've asked before kinda flaked on me in the middle of it and I'm fucking clueless.

can my pc's network please stop acting up and just fucking work, ty

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open for a surprise 

a surprise

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Bark woof arf wan ruff awoo zeeky boogy doog *unnecessary explosion*

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lewd, jocks 

thinking bout big bulges and butts in jockstraps

i made a lot of the curves in the first one by masking/overlaying shapes, then I found out I can just merge everything together and use the corner tool, which helps a lot

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have some stuff I made in affinity designer earlier.

after making the first one, I figured out how to merge stuff so I could color it better, sorry for the bad contrast on the first one ;w;

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Ai dungeon has fun giving me werewolf boyfriends

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Touch fuzzy, get dizzy is about being turned by a werewolf send toot

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self-promo, art comms 

Konsti's open for commissions! Have a look if you fancy.

Prolly only taking one or two rn, reply below if interested. Prices negotiable!

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A guide to content warning abbreviations 

Some of the abbreviations used for content warnings aren't obvious so I decided to make a guide. Feel free to add if I missed anything!

cw: content warning
mh: mental health
ph: physical health
-: negative
~: neutral
+: positive
?: uncertain
pol: politics
ment: mention
adj: adjacent
pers: personal
ec: eye contact

I try to avoid using emoji in content warnings for the sake of those with screen readers, but whether or not you do is ultimately up to you.

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blm, police violence against inanimate object, Rochester NY 

just woke up to this and I'm laughing

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