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Sometimes you just gotta help your Husband out when he needs you~

Maybe he'll even help you out too~

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sfw-ish, furry art, sad, jock 

After having lots of fun, Lio's boyfriend sadly had to go back home.

He left his hoodie at the Lion's place though, that's something at least

art by @casparrakita@twitter.com

nsfw, furry art, musk, jocks 

Never leave your Jocks laying around when there's a Horny Lion roaming around.

Guess @foxcatbatden@twitter.com didn't know that yet though~

art by @casparrakita@twitter.com

NSFW / Yiff art armpits 

the first full nsfw comm of my lion boyo -w-

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NSFW / YIFF, art ,Commission 

"You better start milking my cock with that tight ass of yours, bitch. Else I'll knot fuck ya~"

My horny Lion boy having fun with a friend's Sona :3

🎨 by @ToastedFox@twitter.com

have some stuff I made in affinity designer earlier.

after making the first one, I figured out how to merge stuff so I could color it better, sorry for the bad contrast on the first one ;w;


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