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lmao someone tried to exploit log4j on my mc server this morning

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mutual aid request, beg post, need food, boost 

I hate to make more beg posts but it's gotten bad recently. I have no job no source of income. I'm still trying to get my highschool diploma at 20. i live with my mom. and she rarely buys food for me so in turn i am underweight and recently have been losing even more weight. seriously any amount helps 💖🏳️‍⚧️
crypto wallet: (ask)

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

havent played factorio in *years* and lost my blueprints so im planning everything in sandbox mode

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LMAOYEEN pounced

I have to decide if I'm gonna play Factorio or mess around with BSD tonight

I should be going to bed but instead I am


playboy carti on the track would be chefs kiss emoji

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omg i should add electric guitar to this. time to buy new strings LMAO

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oh yeah this is done and solid.

only thing i regret doing is making the backup directory just the mc server files instead of the whole home directory which has LGSM and supportive files. i can always modify that though, it's easy.

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everything is all set up, cron script replaced with backblaze variant, and making one final backup before flipping the switch.

server is down while i make both the old-style backup and initialize the backblaze bucket.

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shoutout to rclone for making my life a thousand times easier

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i hope this doesnt sound bad i still dont have monitors

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The Wii Remote Nunchuk walked so the Fidget cube could run

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