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if i knew horizon zero dawn was coming to GOG i wouldnt have purchased the steam version 😭


watermelon redbull is so yummy wtf

Pick 2-3 small tasks and get them done so that you feel a sense of accomplishment.

so ive never actually played through the doom 2016 campaign 🙊

kinda late to the party but I’ve published my first DOOM SnapMap. it’s an easy, tiny survival map intended for new players or those who aren’t so good at shooters. if that sounds boring, you can enable hardcore mode and rake in extra points for the leaderboard!

code: DP8VGJ46

so ive finally got a system in doom snapmap that spawns zombies similarly to cod zombies. kinda hacky how i did it but fuck it.

- zombies start at 150 HP
- HP increases 1.1x

the only thing left to figure out is increasing HP linearly the first 9 waves by 100, but thats tricky since HP buffs are applied as a percentage. i suppose the workaround to that is a linear percentage increase that ends at approx 1050 HP but dangit im a perfectionist

i love the icon for disk cleanup on windows

remember to brush your hard drives everybody and give them lots of scritchies

long post about concept doom map 

two things i forgot to mention:

• Each player has just 1 life. Teamwork is essential for completing the game.
• Map environment is very dim, giving players a challenge and surprises around each corner. Are you afraid of the dark?

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long post about concept doom map 

i concepted co-op survival mode in doom yesterday.

• single- or multi-player, up to 3 people
• 3 classes, detailed below
• waves of enemies lasting for 60 seconds with a 15 second break. difficulty increases with each wave
• at each break, a randomly selected supply cache is activated. players can source the cache via POI and gain health and weapons
• (wip) objectives to complete and finish the map
• only way to win is by finishing all objectives
• hardcore mode that starts waves at max difficulty
• (considering) players earn and spend credits to unlock new rooms/pathways, similar to cod zombies


• Tank: carries the AR with zoom mod and has a deployable shield wall
• Support: wields the EMG Mark V and can toss team one health pickup every 60 seconds
• Grenadier: sports the combat shotgun with burst mod and carries grenades

if this is something that interests you, leave a fav! I’ll make the real thing if enough ppl are interested.

@gumby they also tossed in another tape too so i may need to find that walkman after all haha

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Looking at fake GBA carts’ PCB and going feral over these misspelled Nintendo logos

sorry everyone I've been informed this is not the correct way to apply thermal paste. here is an updated post

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