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tell me youre boyfriends without telling me youre boyfriends

the phrase "energy juices" is in my resume.

i left among us running on my pc all night LMFAO

at the coffee place downtown again, but finally had the chance to go alone. maybe today ill get everything done that i need to get done 😂

i do enjoy the company, dont get me wrong, but it's such a distraction for me.

good morning its time for another quesadilla

i spent all of tonight playing warioware diy


learning to set lower goals and its helping a lot. i sat down to do one bullet point for a piece of my resume instead of focusing on the whole thing and it feels so much less overwhelming. i can do this!

tried like 4 foss alternatives to lightroom and while all of them have their own advantages none of them stack up to lightroom and im so pissed off i do not want to start another annual contract just to develop raw photos

discovered by complete accident while browsing rufus' source code that it has cheat codes to use hidden features and debugging methods in the program.

idk what this cliche-ass shit is that i just pulled outta my bum but im LOVING IT

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