dog is best weather forecast

send dog outside. if it comes back wet, it's raining

send dog outside. if it comes back covered in bees, there's bees outside

send dog outside. if it comes back and says it's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says it feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain, it's pagliacci

What's that weird hole thing in the crowd that's not moving?

public static void init {}

wow, discord has actually put useful information on the splash screen rather than shitty memes

Radio Poznań (regional FM station of Polskie Radio, a tax-funded goverment mouthpiece) attacked a woman for leading first aid workshop in a Kindergarten. Because she's transgender.
"Parents were not asked for a consent, kids were confused", says article. "Kids were in parents' care on the picnic", replies Anna.


My work exists at the intersection of Art and Technology

They also make it really difficult to actually get things repaired

Sony marketing: best noise cancelling headphones ever
Sony support: the noise cancelling on our headphones doesn't actually do anything

in german we don't say "I would like the unix directory listing utility to output a detailed listing of all files sorted by age" but instead we say "ls -alt" and I think that's beautiful

daily "I need more people in my Matrix connections" post

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