I spotted a fox during my walk home tonight, it was just minding its own business while rummaging through the bins. I walked right up to it and it didn't seem to mind my presence at all.

The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash.

You can download and hash it yourself, and it should still match - 1337e2ef42b9bee8de06a4d223a51337

I think this is the first PNG/MD5 hashquine.

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

lesson learned from yocto #01: compilers are heckin buggy

Retrospring Branding Update!

We commissioned twitter.com/_dollgirls to create a new brand identity for us, and today we can present the results!

You can get some more insights and find out what happens next on our blog!

hrt, dumb, mildly weeb 

Accidentally made the Kanji for woman (女) with my estradiol

Not been hyped for a piece of hardware in a while. This is also my first device that just ships straight Linux.

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