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me buying femme clothes: I think I may be experiencing pocket loss

Didn't know software development would require me wearing a hazmat suit

also fun fact that came out of this: if the camera is invoked on iOS, it starts listening on the microphone regardless of whether or not it's actually recording

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Is there a way to turn off an Audio Input completely in macOS? Every time the built-in microphone in my headphones is in use, their output switches to 16 kHz output.

partial list of trans holidays:

β€’ Transgender Day of Remembrance
β€’ Transgender Day of Visibility
β€’ Transgender Day of Paperwork
β€’ Transgender Day of Explaining This Shit To Your Parents, Again
β€’ Transgender Day of Dealing With Medical Insurance (formerly part of TDoP but it got too big)
β€’ Transgender Day of Seeing Another Trans Person at the Coffee Shop But They Don't Have Any Openly Trans Signifiers and What Are You Gonna Say To Them Anyway, Hi, I'm Trans Too, How's It Going
β€’ Halloween

Walking home felt kind of ... surreal. Idk.

What was really bad was that when I was in the car earlier, the "shark fin" sign on the top of a taxi that was in front of us was red on the back (w/ black text). It just looked like my eyes were trying to tell me that it "shouldn't exist"

This usually hits me with syntax highlighting whenever there's red, at which point I switch to a light theme for a few hours or until the end of the day.

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Currently combined with the fact that it's dark and there's a storm going on it's very much 🚨 WTF 🚨

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My eyes do this really weird thing where the contrast between anything and (a relatively bright/vibrant shade of) red gets really messed up. It always feels really strange

We do not tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, furries or people with UNIX usernames longer than 4 characters under any circumstance

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