Bringing a story that started with three abuse reports to an end with new abuse reports to the respective hosting providers that hit my server.

Took a few days but things are getting done *few*

Just changed my pfp. This one has been made by the wonderful deer @torideer.

And wow it is flippin cute 💛

Now that I'm thinking about it, if you're tiny, you can totally hang a hammock between my horns and have a good sleep or whatever you want from up there.

And if you fall, you'll have a soft landing on my head ^^'

*needs furry wallpapers*

Send furry wallpapers :3

Soooo hum... how are you all doing fluffies ? :p

@code I wonder if you don't have a bit of a bandwidth issue or whatever ? 🤔

@Wolffy Apparently, today is your birthday.

Happy birthday and have a great day ^w^

Should I make a something that streams my timelines to somewhere on Matrix ? Yes.

How ? I don't rlly know...

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@Citali trying to invite you on matrix so I can talk with ya and be cute (not only cute hehe), but your matrix homeserver is kinda unreachable with Connection refused :<

Going to sleep. Good night fluffies :3

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Morning fedi, long time no see. How is life going?
Have a great day and remember: Hugs are free and taking it easy is always appreciated ;)
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did I just overwrite the whole /dev/sdc like a dumbass ? Yes.

*Fortunately, I've got some backups*

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