My school's programming/SQL course uses string concatenation. .. without doing any validation of the value. .. with the python3 sqlite3 module... which has built-in way to prepare untrusted values that would literally be simpler than the string concatenation. Yikes.

So I just accidentally spent around a month proving that my firewall does indeed work.

This year feels pretty similar to the last one, why were people waiting for this...? :blobfox3cevil:

Thinking about setting up my own private docker registry for easier deployments & upkeep of my services (like websites & so on). Anyone have any tips on how I should go about doing that, or a really bad need to yell at me about why I shouldn't do that? :BoostOK:

The dashboard is a neat feature that I didn't know I needed in my life before I got it in my life.

Is there really not a single resource anywhere on how to setup a small scale LDAP server so I could use the same creds to login to all of my own services...? :grr:

I run a lot of misc software on a very cheap vServer, including but very much not limited to:
* contact sync (radicale)
* mail stuffs (postfix+dovecot)
* file sync (syncthing)
* markdown live editing with others with good syntax highlighting for code. (CodiMD)
* Project tracking (Kanboard)
* Git server (Gitea)
* CI&CD server (

... And I was wondering if nextcloud could replace some of those, since it seems to be quite popular and it'd help with my lack of a single user management system.


Let's say one of my dependencies is missing features|fixes that I need and taking a while to respond to PRs, so I want to temporarily include a fork of it in the source of my project. Would git submodule be appropriate to use here? And how exactly do I set that up?

Debugging a faulty ram stick for 10+ hours is not a fun thing to do.

...heh... open source will eventually have solutions for everything you could ever imagine I guess

rant about mastodon & csp

Does anyone know ruby and wanna teach me? <.< I probably would need to make that PR myself since seems like a lot of other critters aren't interested in that >.>

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rant about mastodon & csp 

I'm annoyed at mastodon not having filtering for CW states so that they'd be defaulted to open or closed based on the CW. I even built an userscript to fix this issue ( ). But now apparently Tampermonkey fails to edit the CSP and thus because mastodon doesn't use any unsafe-inline scripts, my userscript doesn't even work.

[instance join recommendations :boost_requested:]

Are there any instances specifically for introverts?


a furry mastodon instance [ art by angiewolfartist ]