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self reminder to make/set up:

- markov bot
- crossposter

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Hey! I'm Lio! 🦁

I throw code around and design pretty looking ui sometimes

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apple's official self-repair kit, reviewed by The Verge

"The single most frustrating part of this process, after using Apple’s genuine parts and Apple’s genuine tools, was that my iPhone didn’t recognize the genuine battery as genuine. “Unknown Part,” flashed a warning. Apparently, that’s the case for almost all of these parts: you’re expected to dial up Apple’s third-party logistics company after the repair so they can validate the part for you."

"The more I think about it, the more I realize Apple’s Self-Service Repair program is the perfect way to make it look like the company supports right-to-repair policies without actually encouraging them at all. Apple can say it’s giving consumers access to everything, even the same tools its technicians use, while scaring them away with high prices, complexity, and the risk of losing a $1,200 deposit. This way, Apple gets credit for walking you through an 80-page repair, instead of building phones where — say — you don’t need to remove the phone’s most delicate components and two different types of security screws just to replace a battery."

highly considering going back to linux again

which distro do i use tho >.>

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this is the 5th Europol scam call I've gotten jesus

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Love how It's been almost two months since I was asked if I wanted to actually get hired, instead of just being an intern and it's almost my last week now and I still haven't gotten word if I'm gonna be hired or not.

The only thing I've been guaranteed is that I'll get a referral to another company if they don't get the budget to hire me.

But honestly, at this point I wouldn't even mind if I don't get hired, this code is fucking atrocious and trying to get things working or trying to understand the code at all is really fucking hard.
it's just abstractions on top of abstractions and things being put somewhere else for literally no reason.

right now I have to put a button next to a dropdown if it lets you select a datasource, but I can't get it to work because I'm "not allowed" to put Library things into our Components and instead have to build around it and make css my bitch but instead css is making me it's bitch and i can't this working

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wear a mask
wear a mask
wear a mask
wear a mask
wear a mask

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I've seen this post about "Google blocking all third party email accounts starting in June" boosted quite a bit lately ( )

Please stop boosting it: the statement is untrue.

Google will continue supporting app passwords ( ). Using them requires two-step verification ( ) which you can set up with any TOTP application, no phone required.

(Citation: I use this with mutt, soon also mbsync/isync + mu4e.)

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If you have nothing in your bio, and have almost no posts, if you then request to follow people, they will most likely worry you are a bot/spammer, and will decline the request.

Please add info to your bio!

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#feditips you don't have to c*nsor words. no one will look them up and keyword search basically does not exist here and also you won't get (shadow) banned for saying fuck or kill terfs & nazis here. go nuts have fun be genuine

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years of community building yet no real world use found for a memes channel

wanted to create a collaborative knowledge database anyway, for a laugh? we had something for that it was called a WIKI

these are REAL discords created by REAL developers

they have played us for absolute fools

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I could make sniff/balls or sniff/undies a database wrapper lmao

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Still surprised sniff wasn't taken as an org on NPM so I can do stupid kink stuff like use @sniff/armpits as an actual module in my code (rn it's a v small logger for myself)

My phone vibrated weird but I didn't get a notification wtf

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Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

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theoretical inaccurate polyam rep 

how long until someone writes a news article about how ppl are becoming polyam to be able to afford a house lol

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fuck you *ices your screams*

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i just told my friend im the national and internation average in terms of height

they called me mid

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