>google "wine"
>get drinks
>forgot wine exists and isn't just a windows compatibility layer

sometimes i wonder if i'm becoming too much of a nerd for my own good

Kotzt es mich an: Will wissen, ob ein Produkt was taugt. Leute die es bezahlt haben: Eher nicht, viele MΓ€ngel... Leute, die das Produkt umsonst erhalten haben: Omg es ist so toll. Keine Ahnung was die anderen haben und ich kann ohne nicht mehr leben.

Danke fΓΌr nichts.

Finally, a bike for people who always arrive late and at the most inconvenient moment.

Did someone ask for some extra cursed variation?

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"Reasonable audiophile is opus and real audiophile is flac"
-- @robin

Ruby is easy!


OMG! Nectarine, the glorious #demoscene radio, was resurrected from backups and previous site scrapes!!!11
🍎 :amiga: :commodore: 🎢


ooooh, I think I get it now.

There are fake-leather whips in the horse treats category. I guess?

It's ridiculous how many websites are just text and images but won't load/render without a half dozen or more 3rd party javascript files loaded. The cesspool web.

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