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enum some_compilers { need_more_than_nothing };

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i got featured in an article about zunes lmao

peak konsti moment

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every time I see this trend on twitter, which is every time I open web twitter because it is always considered trending, I think about how in a lot of tech companies, _no one_ ever bothers testing products stuff of the US, or even outside of california

Hey , what are some ways to decently capture a VGA video signal into a video file? Which cards/devices/adapters are good for this?

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Mit aller neuester AI Technologie ist es dem Internet Archive gelungen zukünftige Versionen von Webseiten zu berechnen. Du willst wissen wie deine lielbings Blogs, Foren, etc. in Zukunft aussehen? Dann gehe auf wayforward.archive.org/ !

hating slack's chat input. since a few updates it's horribly broken (especially undo when pasting something!), and it started to automatically link things in `backticks` for no apparent reason ...

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The #Kdenlive team have managed to make KDE's full-featured video editor work on macOS. There is now a nightly version of Kdenlive you can test:


Be advised that Kdenlive for Mac is beta software and not recommended for production.

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Yes! YES!!

Plasma 5.23 has brought back visible scrollbars!

They are thick! They have contrast! The background color is different from the foreground! They have contours! I can visibly see them!

Visible scrollbars are BACK!


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Another reminder on anonymity. When Twitter analysed the racist abuse following the Euros this summer, 99% of the accounts they had to suspend were *not* anonymous. 99%.
Anonymity is *not* the problem.

apple event/new macbook pro/Linux desktops 

lmao good luck trying to read the date & time on the new macbook pro when using Gnome™

(it has a notch in the top centre)

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great. I can't build the simulator on my machine anymore, because 2.34 (released in August 2021) decided that MINSIGSTKSZ is no longer a constant on Linux systems.

nothing a simple find&replace with an _actual_ constant (on my system it was 0x800) couldn't fix, but oh well.

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“What radicalized you against capitalism?”

Watching a guy buy the last PS5 in stock in front of me, then immediately walking it across to the CEX to sell it for profit, which CEX then sells for >2x the RRP.

From chatting, both stores are under instruction to just allow it.

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I saw someone say "The internet is forever" earlier and it kind of hurt.

The internet is barely for now, Data disappears all the time. Sites go down, DMCA takedowns. No seeders. No funding. Never archived. Harddrive failure. Redesign that breaks legacy URLs.

The internet is for never.

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