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alcohol, furry 

Es gibt Furry-Bier und mein Dad hat ein 5l-Fรคsschen gekauft ????

they used to say "don't believe anything you read on the internet" but pretty much the last 10 years of my life have involved reading some bullshit in some corner of the internet that seems like it's definitely not true or even meaningful, and then 5 years later it's everywhere on the mainstream news and TV and everybody and their aunt is talking about it like it's a normal thing

nya nya nyasputin, russia's smollest uwu bean

fursonas were invented before written language

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anyone know of free alternatives to iconpackager? like any tool to change system icons in win10 with preset bundles

computer science: the professional study of getting into a fight with an inanimate object and losing

โ€œHyperTerminal is like a terminal, but BIGโ€ โ€” @karina, 2021 :cisco_web_browser:

nsfw hyper 

Just out of view, hoping not to be caught... (commissioned work)

had a blast here and really pleased with how the background came out, first time I put a background that I really feel works for me and for the art I'm trying to make... will keep improving on this

been writing a lot of Rust lately, so going back to a C++ project is a bit weird now

I keep wanting to define variables as e.g. `let length = 5;`, or keep forgetting about the braces around `if` conditions which are required in C++ ...

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