oh no, this monthโ€™s Azure bill is 6.66 USD lmao

horny people in MMOs ๐Ÿค extremely boring corporate work


@nilsding I don't see that catching on, they won't even let you eat in your underwear.

eating food at a restaurant is like takeaway but not at home

Hmmโ€ฆ wondering if I should set up Pixelfed for sharing photos โ€˜n things.

whew, just finished a 13km walk together with @karina

verdict: the sun is a deadly lazer

I felt bad leaving out nonbinary flag cause, I'm still struggling a bit with gender. but a friend special requested a nonbinary raccoon!

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ive heard theres an app which changes your face (makes you go like this :(
and its called the Internet

Friendly, joking, we-all-know-weโ€™re-kidding style โ€œlightโ€ bullying sucks. Sorry. Itโ€™s a shitty way to interact with friends. Itโ€™s hurting someone in the group more than you or they know.

I got a lot of that from my friends in high school, and I swore up and down I didnโ€™t mind, but it fucked me up. It taught me that to be close to people I had to accept mistreatment and I am only really figuring out just how much that got in my head now that Iโ€™m almost 40.

Be nice to each other. Nice is good.

New Rule: If someone says he/she instead of they it is their obligation to give a queer person $5

tech whine 

why does "cloud native" stuff never fail to disappoint me...

there's some application that has a `--debug` option which, even when it's enabled, never ever prints anything additional. i mean of course it wouldn't, after all no one needs to know what it's trying to do before erroring out...

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