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What if you wanted to go to heaven, but god said:

502 Bad Gateway

Verpflichtet die EU hier eigentlich alle Plattformen dazu Traffic Analytics/Tracker zu installieren?

Something a bit more useful for πŸ¦ŠπŸ“¦: playback control using media keys! As of now this is only available on macOS though as it's what I use on a daily basis.

See it in action: vimeo.com/nilsding/foxbox-maco

So you demand upload filters? I'll happily comply and will write one for my-own-little-startup.

But you know, to be able to filter out copyrighted material accurately, I now need access to the entire catalog of every single piece of copyrighted material in existence.

Can't wait! No floppies per snail-mail, please!

These babaisyou emojis are in desire need of a backdrop... literally unreadable on light themes

@lynnesbian The phone rings and the mayor excitedly explains which of the four software freedoms are being violated today, and who the Powerpuff GNUrils have to punch

Also, the recipe for making superpowered punch girls is GPL licensed, so there's a million of them

@BestGirlGrace the software will be sold commercially for a financial price to the consumer! i will lure them in for free with a trial version and then i, mojo jojo, will profit immensely when they are forced to upgrade to the paid version!

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