hmm... let's see if there is a decent Sidekiq-like library for Rust

I probably should continue working on that. Realised I need a volume display lmao

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@nilsding Sowas grausliches gehรถrt hinter ein CW!!1!

I really like the looks of Plasma Mobile. also the fact that it is just plain Linux (which means I can run stuff like the complete LibreOffice suite, regardless of how impractical this is) makes the entire experience even more fun to me in its own weird way.

(wallpaper by Neotheta )

got a cheap prepaid sim card for the pinephone

now I can do stuff with it, probably!

imagine if you wanted to use `async fn` in traits but rustc said "functions in traits cannot be declared `async`"

TIL: Connect also works between different Plasma systems.

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