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-SPΓ–: Wir brauchen Geld!
-NEOS: Wir brauchen Strolz!
-GrΓΌne: Wir brauchen keine internen Streitereien!
-Liste Jetzt: Wir brauchen einen
neuen Namen!
-FPΓ–: Wir brauchen Kandidaten!
-Γ–VP: Wir brauchen eine neue Farbe!


"Überstunden sind die Grundlage für Karriere." - Also wer freiwillig Bock drauf hat: Mach halt. Aber wenn das karrierewichtig ist, würde ich doch eher gehen. Ich vermiete meine Arbeitszeit für einen festen Satz zu festen Zeiten und gut.

Started with it 20 minutes ago... almost done with it -- hope I can finish this up tomorrow morning (which is today morning, but... y'know).

Hope that I will not forget to pack anything semi-important like it happened when I left for Revision... well there I had to get myself ready to leave in less than 10 minutes as I overheard my first alarm, but still.

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also, going to slovenia for the weekend + monday starting tomorrow... haven't packed yet πŸ‘€


while mixing some new vape liquids together I managed to spill one (1) whole bottle of flavour

at least my table now smells like a fresh strawberry with a hint of mint.

There are two Sergals inside you
One is purple
The other is orange
They're both pointy like cheese πŸ§€

I really should get around implementing a local song library for that soon... and a shuffle function.

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🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 beans