Currently working on a simple Qt5 player for tracked music based on libopenmpt...

Right now it only plays the first track in the playlist, but soon enough it will advance the track once the end of one is reached. I also plan on including a shuffle functionality, because that's how I mostly listen to music.

And yes, it will be open source.

Update on my silly little -based mod player: it now loads m3u playlists! \o/

Still need to refine it a bit further though, but the basic stuff works.

Another update: the playlist can now be hidden. It does so with a nice animation thanks to the QPropertyAnimation class!

Yet another update on ๐ŸฆŠ๐Ÿ“ฆ: a volume slider!

Implementing this was way easier than I initially thought, just needed to multiply the samples with a value between 0 and 1...

@nilsding dare you to style this like mac os panther itunes

@dogo oh the volume slider under the playback buttons would work nicely!

@dogo but yeah, i might aim for something similar to that in one future release -- that interface was super simple and easy to use (which I really miss from most players available today)

@nilsding how are you doing content loading? no internal library feature im guessing, just straight up file browsing?

@dogo for now, yep. just drag and drop your mods in there and click play!

I implemented some basic playlist saving/loading though, so there's that.

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