Currently working on a simple Qt5 player for tracked music based on libopenmpt...

Right now it only plays the first track in the playlist, but soon enough it will advance the track once the end of one is reached. I also plan on including a shuffle functionality, because that's how I mostly listen to music.

And yes, it will be open source.

Update on my silly little -based mod player: it now loads m3u playlists! \o/

Still need to refine it a bit further though, but the basic stuff works.

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Another update: the playlist can now be hidden. It does so with a nice animation thanks to the QPropertyAnimation class!

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Yet another update on ๐ŸฆŠ๐Ÿ“ฆ: a volume slider!

Implementing this was way easier than I initially thought, just needed to multiply the samples with a value between 0 and 1...

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@nilsding dare you to style this like mac os panther itunes

@dogo oh the volume slider under the playback buttons would work nicely!

@dogo but yeah, i might aim for something similar to that in one future release -- that interface was super simple and easy to use (which I really miss from most players available today)

@nilsding how are you doing content loading? no internal library feature im guessing, just straight up file browsing?

@dogo for now, yep. just drag and drop your mods in there and click play!

I implemented some basic playlist saving/loading though, so there's that.

@nilsding i really prefer library based players but this is cute still!

@dogo I might add that at one point as well, it kinda gets tedious adding files manually every time after some while (hence why I implemented that playlists thing :P).

but yeah, for now my main focus is mostly on these topics:

@nilsding zune did this adorable lil miniplayer style that gave you visual stuff and direct access to your entire now playing list (if you click on any of the queue'd titles it switches to a list view of everything)

@dogo oh I see! Think it would be fun to implement something like this. Maybe I can abuse QML for that kind of thing

@dogo don't know what I'll display instead of the album art though... maybe some sort of visualisation or so? (there's so many things you could do with tracker files!)

@nilsding uuuuuhhh

ok if u do make a visualization, perhaps best to keep it pretty passive. no distracting and all

@dogo was thinking of something along the lines of what I did here, but that might be a bit too distracting I guess

@nilsding you couuld pull this off in a way

zune's default view had something like an equalizer along the bottom edge of its ui but it was heavily blurred, so it was nondistracting


@dogo i already played around with some form of visualisation, and maybe the individual channel velocities would work nicely there

of course the end result would not be using normal widgets but something custom rendered on a canvas or something

ยท ยท 1 ยท 0 ยท 1

@nilsding ive no idea what velocity would entail in this situation tbh, music be outside of my realm too

@dogo basically just the value of the volume column, not the amplitude which you're actually hearing

@nilsding oh so kinda like, before it passes thru volume control

@dogo that too!

but mostly: individual samples can be either quiet or loud, and this does not take that in consideration

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