great. after one year without a working battery in my macbook (it is detected, but no power is drawn from it) the charge it currently holds is low enough for something to somehow magically decide to throttle the CPU to 500MHz whenever I do something CPU-intense (such as browsing the modern web).

time for replacing the whole battery unit I guess?

the battery itself would be fine -- its capacity is well over 50%. however I seem to have damaged the battery controller (which is part of the battery unit itself) while re-inserting the internal SSD (had a completely different issue there which surfaced around Revision 2018).


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my next laptop will be definitely one that has more easily serviceable parts. probably a thinkpad or another "business"-class laptop or something, can't stand consumer/"""gamer"""-type devices

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@nilsding is there any safe way for you to swap the controller only?

@dogo unfortunately, no. it's attached to the batteries themselves

@dogo keep in mind it's all attached to the case via adhesive :~)

@nilsding ah but of course. where's the fun in battery swaps if not for the beauty of a fireworks show

@dogo heh, I don't think I'll get to see that -- after all the charge it holds is 4%.

@nilsding if youre into that sorta deal, i'd look into hackintoshability. dunno if you care for mac os that much tho

@dogo i'd be fine if i can run macOS in a VM if i ever need it (most likely only to build applications, but I recently stumbled upon a cross-compiler targeting macOS on github, so… :jyrki_thinking:)

@nilsding vm performance is gon be verry much lackluster. im betting if you get a thinkpad with dual ssd support you can get a dualboot thing working just fine on there even

@nilsding mine is labelled "gamer" (from 2015 tho) and I have enough access to parts that'd be worth upgrading/switching.

like RAM, the hard drives...I think you could even replace the WiFi module in it?

@pixel I don't want to support anything that's branded as "for gamers", as I am certainly not one of those.

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