oh hey, using Ctrl-F is broken on the GitHub Actions log view.

Because it does not display all logs, as browsers are apparently incapable to display multiple lines of texts at once.

Instead, they re-implemented a "Search logs" box, which is not visible if you already zoomed down a bit, as it's being blocked by the floating header thingy.

And, of course, typing in text in that field is super slow.


Web "applications" never fail to disappoint me.

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@nilsding The "lazy loading" technique responsible for not showing all the logs never made any sense on this kind of stuff, tbh. Like, wtf are you even doing, devs? Just load it all in the background if the plaintext version exceeds, say, 5MB, and stop eating up that 5MB with your shitty, pointless scripts.

@nilsding Displaying *a lot* of lines is slow in browsers. I sometimes click "View" instead of "Download" in our Bitbucket, which gets me a ~2.500.000 line logfile. It's slow, i hate it.

(But yeah, this thing at github is shit.)

@nilsding s/Bitbucket/Bamboo/

Bitbucket has no built-in Buildserver

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