just got reminded of my favourite :cisco:​ Cisco Field Notice where using certain snagless ethernet cables would reset certain switches because the protective boot would press down on a button that will do exactly that

@nilsding 'no design flaw on every end to see he, please continue your usual time line scrolling'

@nilsding @Siph imagine being the person who discovers that flaw, what were they doing, what were they going through

@nilsding in awe of how effortlessly they blame this problem on the cable

@scanlime @nilsding It's almost like they didn't have a logo right next to it that they could have switched it with. XD

@nilsding to be fair these cables suck ass, i don't know anyone who doesn't rip the cover off

@nilsding I have never fully understood what the function of the "protective boot" in ethernet cables is

@nilsding That's rather unfortunate, good thing I don't deal with that.

@nilsding i have so much design fixes that comes in my head. I can't believe they ship that.

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