i wish i participated in any of these 29 sessions

I really like the looks of Plasma Mobile. also the fact that it is just plain Linux (which means I can run stuff like the complete LibreOffice suite, regardless of how impractical this is) makes the entire experience even more fun to me in its own weird way.

(wallpaper by Neotheta furaffinity.net/view/40508482/ )

watching some :cisco_tv: TV on a ✨ cursed network simulation tool :concerned_fox:

rust code 

pretty sure there's another way of doing that, but for now I guess I'll go with `Err(err) => Err(err)` 🤷

re: food poll, birdsite screenshot 

here’s @karina’s attempt at this over on the other site. didn’t go well

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I wrote a thing and it worgs grate™ on spicy MIPS devices

this is the first time I ever had to set a font size in millimetres

one of my favourite things about Rockbox is its built-in Nightcore/Vapourwave mode

I spent the last two hours figuring out why Rockbox screws with the first line in a list. And I managed to fix it, _and_ even submitted a patch for it! \o/

C is a lot of... "fun".

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