Looks like the city centre of St. Pölten is being rebuilt after some trees exploded or something

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for some reason the window preview for firefox is now heckers

thanks, @halcy!

My evening consisted of:

- grabbing the Windows Reversi source code of the leaked Windows NT 3.5 source code
- patching it to remove make it a pure Win32 app (it used some Win16 source-compatibility headers before), and
- building it with Visual C++ 4.0

I can not believe it: Reversi runs!

Today’s evening project was trying to get a SunRay 1 thin client to do something (i.e. connect to some server, in my case a Solaris 10 VM).

Status: success, I guess!

Needs some more work regarding the display of toots though, but... we need to start somewhere, right? :D

And yes, it still works on Windows 2000, even though I develop this application on aarch64 Linux. Why it works I have no idea, but it amuses me.

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Don't judge my Pascal, it's the first "useful" thing I built with this :D

What an interesting little language this is.
And apparently Lazarus allows for some cross-platform applications with a platform-native widget set. In my case that's Qt5 (of course), but it could also be Cocoa or Win32.

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Finally got @opensuse Tumbleweed with @kde Plasma running on my new @PINE64 PineBook Pro \o/

Next step: run my Ansible playbook for my dotfiles to truly feel at home :)


this is what a pack of cigarettes for macro furries looks like

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