If there's even a setting for that, of course. Can't find any obvious option for that in any preferences panel. Sigh.

TIL: KRunner can convert current currency into legacy currency (and vice versa)

google: *employs the "smartest" engineers of the world, whatever that means*

also google: can't figure out how many pages there are in a finite list

oida Liwest, das ist genau so ein abfuck wie eure “Lallo!” aktion vor ein paar jahren

Well, here’s SVatG’s “Skate Station” demo running on my 3DS. I guess I’m done with the preparing-it-for-running-homebrew part now.

(And damn, that demo looks really impressive with 3D enabled)

me: Hey German TV, may I have some TRON?

German TV: We have TRON at home

TRON at home:

selfie, no ec, food 

Just left the hotel, and the sun looks like it’s about to set.

Is this the Finland experience?

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