in Austria you do not need to worry if you're ever in need of eggs at 2:54am. just head to your nearest Eierautomat!

I still can't believe the battery life of this laptop

...I can't believe this machine just doesn't get hot or spin up the fans enough so they'll become ridiculously noisy when doing compute intensive tasks either.

today's cursed tech bit: creating a fat binary that works on Power PC Mac OS X (32-bit/64-bit), Intel Mac OS X (32-bit/64-bit), and "Apple Silicon" (arm64).

The tools to create fat binaries on Leopard do not recognise the latter of course (see: cputype 16777228), but will happily ignore them. Interestingly enough it knows that it's for a 64-bit system!

the Free Pascal project still provides binaries for PowerPC Mac OS X, which is cool!

current status: compiling Lazarus (the Free Pascal IDE) on the G5 I have :D

so uh, here's a short update on that old iMac G5 I picked up in January (the one that had a broken display and was generally in a rough shape since it fell down on the floor)...

I ordered a replacement screen from someone on ebay. not only did i receive the screen itself, but also the front plastic frame it is attached to (it doubled as packaging for the screen!)

today I disassembled the iMac and installed the replacement screen and frame along with a newer HDD, and well... it works 🎉

current status: installing Tiger on it, as I still had the install CDs laying around from experimenting with the powermac G4...

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