Needs some more work regarding the display of toots though, but... we need to start somewhere, right? :D

And yes, it still works on Windows 2000, even though I develop this application on aarch64 Linux. Why it works I have no idea, but it amuses me.

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Don't judge my Pascal, it's the first "useful" thing I built with this :D

What an interesting little language this is.
And apparently Lazarus allows for some cross-platform applications with a platform-native widget set. In my case that's Qt5 (of course), but it could also be Cocoa or Win32.

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Finally got @opensuse Tumbleweed with @kde Plasma running on my new @PINE64 PineBook Pro \o/

Next step: run my Ansible playbook for my dotfiles to truly feel at home :)


this is what a pack of cigarettes for macro furries looks like

oh yeah, S.u.S.E. Linux 8.0 had a service called "yiff"

oh hey, using Ctrl-F is broken on the GitHub Actions log view.

Because it does not display all logs, as browsers are apparently incapable to display multiple lines of texts at once.

Instead, they re-implemented a "Search logs" box, which is not visible if you already zoomed down a bit, as it's being blocked by the floating header thingy.

And, of course, typing in text in that field is super slow.


Web "applications" never fail to disappoint me.

So, some parts of Linz had a short power cut

Which means my rockpro64 was forcibly rebooted.

It still works fine, but I forgot I changed its /etc/issue to this:

Cleaned the other side of it as good as I could. It’s not perfect, but much better.

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