which nordic country is which BSD? 


@eest9 einfach hinschreiben "Yes, please!" oder "No, thanks", dann hat's sich auch :P

@jk you jest but that's really where its headed rn. people call me a pundit when i tell em the #1 use of webassembly will be to obscure ad tech even further. that, combined with first-party same domain hosting and websites that gave up on functioning or displaying anything with javascript disabled will make ad blocking pretty much impossible

in the future, basically all websites will be full of unblockable ads and/or implemented entirely in ultra-fucked webassembly/opengl, and the tech-savvy will browse the web entirely through cat & mouse proxy servers running headless browsers to OCR the inaccessible content back into old-fashioned normal HTML and illegally redistribute it through peer-to-peer networks

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:


@dogo didn't wmp9 have a button somewhere that let you change its colour?

So this thing is gonna happen


You should participate (and watch, if you, like me, are unable to participate due to having no free time because you are one of the people who is keeping things running so other people can survive.)

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