absolutely losing my fucking mind at this video from the wikipedia page for the physics engine "phyz"

@Lyude on top of that, while an application having lots of CVEs could mean it is insecure, it also could mean literally a ton of people use this application so it's tested for security holes almost constantly and thus the existence of more CVEs is more representative of security issues being found and fixed in a timely manner

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Just gonna put this out here: it may be very tempting to look at a bunch of CVE numbers and think to yourself "wow, this application has so many numbers! It must be insecure" but lemme point out some things I've learned from handling CVEs:
CVEs are valuable, but read them also because oh boy I've seen plenty of nonsense CVEs that were not actually reproducible, were filed about unrelated components, etc.

@pcy oh, I should do that too, but for my Pinebook ...

@therealkings du musst aber noch irgendso einen pseudo-deepen Spruch ausdrucken :P

@maffsie thanks, @roxy made it!

I doubt I will ever get a better avatar than this one lmao, it's the first with my furred sona I've used for more than a year

at least this way I can verify whether multiple accounts work fine

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hmm, perhaps I should make a separate account for testing my stupid mastodon client :D

Like this logic is toxic in the industry. I don't mind spending my evenings learning new things but there needs to be a balance and this doesn't promote that.

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@pludikovsky @dogo yep, pretty much that.

And since it provides a lot of (valuable?) data for Facebook, writing your own "Login with FB" routines is pretty much forbidden by their application policies.

Would be nice if Facebook SDK remained broken so people would be forced to remove it from their apps...

@dogo yes, and today that one crashed all apps using it again. Second time this year already.

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