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This was particularly tricky to make work because the image data in a PNG needs to have a valid adler32 checksum, *and* a valid crc32 checksum.

Each hex digit "pixel" needed its own colliding block, generated with UniColl. There are 448 of them, taking over 24h to compute.

The adler32 checksum was collided to a chosen value using 48 FastColl collisions, with a meet-in-the-middle technique.

After the adler32, the crc32 was collided similarly, using another 48 FastColl blocks.

As the name suggests FastColl is fast, and this part only took ~minutes.

UniColl: https://github.com/corkami/collisions/blob/master/unicoll.md

FastColl: https://www.win.tue.nl/hashclash/
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The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash.

You can download and hash it yourself, and it should still match - 1337e2ef42b9bee8de06a4d223a51337

I think this is the first PNG/MD5 hashquine.
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hmm... is trying to replace a pair of noisy 16200/12000RPM fans with two quiet 5000RPM fans a bad idea?

in an attempt to gain more feature parity with gitlab, github now can display a user's time zone on their profile

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i think we should build bigger storage media. a CD with a 1 meter diameter. A USB thumb drive that you can pole vault with. Just a comically oversized floppy disc that you could use as a cape.

@pludikovsky Definitely not; the replacement fans don't move on their own under full speed.

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@kithop hah, I know exactly what you linked me to without even clicking on the link :D

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