@dogo cut the ham and I could get behind it


@dogo i mostly like them when they're just vegetables 'n stuff!


@dogo ... isn't the first one just tzatziki? :o
also watered down by the cucumber or was some extra water added to it? either way I might actually like that

the other one... uh... *looks it up* ah, one of _those_ kinds of salads.

NOT hacked by @karina for once. could lock my screen in time

Wann wird es endlich mรถglich, bei Zeitungen nur fรผr bestimmte Seiten, die ich JETZT lesen mรถchte, zu bezahlen? Ich will kein fucking Komplettabo!

Ich will auch nicht durch 49 Popups klicken! Was ist denn daran so schwer!?

Geht sterben!

what if you wanted year of the linux desktop

but nvidia said: gonna hang your entire machine xoxoxox โค๏ธ

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