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Why are collectors hesitant to open packages of breath fresheners? 

Because they're mint in box.

@nilsding Time has lost all meaning since the pandemic hit, unlike The Game that you just lost.

I'm a big fan of putting certain kinds of developer-oriented documentation in the source code itself.

Want to know why the architecture of this particular class is Like This? Here's a 300-line code comment ranting about why everything is horrible and this is how it's dealt with.

Subtooting the entire English language 

To be fair, diacritics don't make a whole lot of sense if you already have nine different ways of pronouncing the same letter and five letters to spell the same sound

I just got reminded of that one container ship which got stuck in the Suez canal... didn't realise that this happened about a month ago. It feels like it's been much longer than that :|

mildly lewd meme art, eye contact 

trade offer

I really enjoy seeing KDE apps getting their own fursonas-- I mean mascots

Kate's one got a facelift recently, now 100% more cyber:

🎨 by Tyson Tan

no idea what to do for the rest of the day so i'll just zone out in OpenTTD instead

using a modern computer on the internet is like you've got this amazing studio workshop library full of tools and stuff, workbench space all over the place, and you're gonna put it all to use any minute now - except you just can't stop staring out out one dingy window at these people screaming at each other in the street

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