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NagiOS is a very strange operating system

happy pride month everyone, don’t forget:
β€’ corporations see pride purely as a marketing event
β€’ the first pride was a riot
β€’ cops do not belong at pride
β€’ be gay
β€’ do crimes
β€’ trans people are real, fuck you
β€’ cis/het folk can support pride by giving us all your money

Kann mir irgendwer sagen, wo ich einen elastischen Klebstoff herbekomme, der dem typischen weißen Zeug entspricht, was man in Netzteilen etc. oft findet?

oh hey, today is the last day before another extended weekend! \o/

my last action, as described in a point & click adventure (probably):

Use [Listerine] with [MacBook Pro]

I find it fascinating how menthol gum makes coffee taste like cigarettes.


15 years ago this month, Nintendo Official Magazine UK put this in their October 2003 issue

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