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konsti rants, the modern web is a joke 

why did u go through the effort of making any kind of web app if you’ll stop me from using it within 15 seconds

why do u think this’ll make me install ur app rather than just make me go “fuck you” and wait till im on a computer so i can avoid your shit

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Math fact: The "cardinality" of a set is how many cardinals it contains.

In addition there's the lesser "bishopality" and "priestality"

from the songs with (a) lisp dept:

here in my (car '(i feel safest of all))

(re. last boost)
meanwhile, me: *uses a media player with a Winamp2-compatible frontend* :v

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Spotify, YouTube music, and so forth, should have customizable skins like winamp

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#DOFH excuse #98:

We migrated from serverless to userless infrastructure.

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Leider hört man in Diskussionen und Medien immer wieder, dass der Impfstoff angeblich nicht so gut wirken würde, da von den über 60-Jährigen auf der Intensivstation ein zunehmender Teil auch geimpft ist. Das ist ein Trugschluss der leider selten gut erklärt wird. Daher habe ich noch eine Grafik für meinen Artikel gebaut.

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tech, computing, snark 

Oh look, Discord's down.

If only we had some other way of communicating with each other on the internet. Maybe we could host our own servers instead of relying on an opaque corporation?

Nah, just me?

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if i could hide in a cave and never have to hear about Bitcoin or NFTs for the rest of my life that would be just great

today's cursed tech bit: creating a fat binary that works on Power PC Mac OS X (32-bit/64-bit), Intel Mac OS X (32-bit/64-bit), and "Apple Silicon" (arm64).

The tools to create fat binaries on Leopard do not recognise the latter of course (see: cputype 16777228), but will happily ignore them. Interestingly enough it knows that it's for a 64-bit system!

hah. guess 10.5 is really too old, that selector has been introduced with... 10.6 🎉

Looking into the issue tracker there's a patch applied in the development branch that supposedly makes building it with Carbon work again. this would already be fine enough for me, let's see

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hmm... it builds now, but it fails to run because of an unrecognized selector sent to some instance, whatever that means.

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hmm. while linking Lazarus, I get an error from ld that the ".objc_class_name_NSTextInputContext" symbol is not defined. And sure enough, that class was introduced in 10.6, but all I have on that G5 is 10.5…

trying to compile it again now without the changes from the commit that introduced its usage

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so it seems like the default widgetset is Carbon, which Lazarus only has support for it on i386, so it failed with the user defined error of "only cpu i386 is supported".

to use Cocoa all that's needed is to run make as: "make bigide LCL_PLATFORM=cocoa". let's see if that'll work fine

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the Free Pascal project still provides binaries for PowerPC Mac OS X, which is cool!

current status: compiling Lazarus (the Free Pascal IDE) on the G5 I have :D

it’s 2021 and I’m excited about an Apple iSight™ webcam from 2003 lmao

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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

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Für die jüngeren unter euch: Das hier ist eine historische Hardware-Implementierung von Cc/Bcc. Umgangssprachlich sagte man „Kohlepapier“ dazu. Links der Vorrat, rechts ein einzelnes Device. #altersack

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